Ron Wilson Got Emilio On The Mind

Shane HouseAnalyst IOctober 22, 2008

I know the idea of replacing the starting goaltender with a cold goalie for the shootout seems like a good concept at first, but doesn't it seem a little familiar?

I know!

I remember now, Coach Bombay did it against Iceland!

Yeah, he replaced Goldberg with Julie "The Cat" Gaffney to beat the great Gunner Staal in the shootout to win the Goodwill games. Man that was a good movie. The Bash Brothers (Ryan Hollweg and Jamal Mayers), Kenny Wu (Jason Blake), that little weird Texan guy who could stick-handle but do nothing else (Grabovski).

I can see the comparison. Really I can.

But actually replacing the starting goaltender for a guy who sat on the bench the whole game.

COME ON!! Wilson you're better then that.

I understand that Cujo does have a better shootout record then Toskala, but what did you smoke during overtime? I would love to be the great Emilio too, even Charlie Conway would be suffice, hell I would go as far as even being Guy Germaine just so I could get with Connie Moreau.

But history shows that this doesn't work. Three times people have tried this before and all ended the same.

Two goals on two shots to loose the game.

My advice to you Ron Wilson, leave it to Emilio to make the amazing plays, you just worry about that defense, and please no quacking.