Week Eight BlogPoll: No.10 Buckeyes Looking Like Real Team Again

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst IOctober 21, 2008

This week’s BlogPoll has been cooling on the windowsill for a while as it was submitted on Monday morning. Freshness still guaranteed.


Dropped Out: California (#17), North Carolina (#18), Virginia Tech (#20), Wake Forest (#21).

The more things change, the more they stay the same

My top 10 is comprised of nine of the same 10 teams, with only Missouri disappearing and Ohio State making an entrance again.

Speaking of the Buckeyes...

...they looked like a real football team again and are awarded a few extra spots in this week’s poll. I put them at No. 10 after they defeated one team in front of them, another lost by 25 points, and the other looked rotten in a narrow victory while employing the services of a 12th “player.”

Still, No. 10 is as high as you can rank this squad considering the generous breaks they received on Saturday. If Ray’s and/or Keshawn Martin’s fumble bounces another way, the game would have certainly played out differently. You heard Tressel say it, this was not a traditional 45-7 beating, but a game dictated by circumstance. The Buckeyes have a lot of work to do before Saturday.


As usual, 16-25 is a bloody mess

Can you believe I was forced to rank the Gophers? I know they are 6-1, but no Penn State and Michigan State will do that for a team.