Let Petr Prucha Play: Rangers Need to Try Something Else

Ryan McFaddenCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

The Rangers are struggling to find the right combination with Naslund and Drury. Lauri Korpikoski has been given a chance, as has Patrick Rissmiller, who has since been put on waivers (why he was signed in the first place still boggles my mind).

Why not give Petr Prucha a real shot at making an impact on the team and developing chemistry with those two for a few games? And, yes, give him a few games to work things out and get his game back. Not one game and then put him in the press box for a week. Prucha could be an invaluable asset to the team if he can return to the 30-goal form he showed when he was a rookie.

Prucha would fit nicely alongside Drury and Gomez. He has speed, he works hard in the tough parts of the ice, and he has the ability to finish. Why is he sitting in the press box when a guy like Rissmiller is getting playing time with Drury and Naslund?

Last night against the Stars, Rissmiller did nothing but get in the way of those two. If Renney isn’t going to play Prucha, they should trade him to a team that will. It’s not fair to have him become more and more demoralized dressing in street clothes every night for really no reason at all.

In the three games he's dressed for, he hasn't played poorly. He made some things happen and had some chances, but just didn’t finish. If you're going to scratch a player for not being able to finish the play, why not bench Naslund or Drury? If you wouldn’t bench them for that reason, then it makes zero sense to bench Prucha.

I hope to see Prucha dressed for Friday's game against the Jackets. Not buried on the fourth line, either—playing quality minutes and given a real opportunity.