Why You Can Expect Each Team to Win the SEC...and Why Not

Gary BrownCorrespondent IIMay 31, 2011

Why You Can Expect Each Team to Win the SEC...and Why Not

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    It is never too early to be thinking about why each conference team will have a chance to win the SEC this year. Here is a reason for every fan to have hope.

    For balance, you will also find a reason why each group of fans should not expect to lift the conference championship trophy in Atlanta this December.


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    Why? Defense!

    Why not? Quarterback is not the only offensive position without a clear answer. There is also the question of who the eventual Tide QB will throw to. 


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    Why? Best group of receivers in the nation.

    Why not? It is hard to win the SEC without proven cornerbacks.


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    Why? All it took was Cam Newton last year…is there another one year wonder on the horizon?

    Why not? New starters will dominate the lineup.


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    Why? Roster has plenty of talent.

    Why not? Will Muschamp is in his first year as a head coach.


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    Why? Best returning starter in conference at QB with Aaron Murray.

    Why not? Winning to keep Mark Richt’s job will be too much for the Bulldogs to overcome.


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    Why? As expected, the Wildcats once again feature one of the nation’s best recruiting classes.

    Why not? Oops….that is the Kentucky basketball roster that restocked with future pro talent. 


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    Why? Les Miles is a brilliant coach.

    Why not? Les Miles is crazy.

Mississippi State

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    Why? Dan Mullen can coach.

    Why not? Just not enough talent and depth on the field.

Ole Miss

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    Why? Houston Nutt seems to do his best coaching when expectations are low.

    Why not? Houston, we have a problem. Lack of talent on offense, defense and special teams. 

South Carolina

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    Why? Marcus Lattimore and Alshon Jeffery give the Gamecocks a solid one two punch at RB and receiver.

    Why not? Stephen Garcia…is he in or out? Which is better for the Gamecocks?


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    Why? Tyler Bray has all the tools to be the next great Vol quarterback.

    Why not? Defense will be suspect, with only six starters returning. 


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    Why? The Commodores have the smartest players in the SEC.

    Why not? The Commodores have the smartest players in the SEC.