A Brave New World

Clark FoslerCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2008

As you no doubt noticed this morning, MVN has a new look as they/we have updated the techonology, among other things.   You may find that some of our past posts are either out of order or maybe even missing.   Technology is a dicey mistress and, as such, not everything is perfect from the beginning.  

With Craig sunning himself in some sort of tropical destination, you are stuck with me all week.  Given my periodic bouts of laziness, we'll take it easy this morning and just offer up a few bullet points.

  • Anyone else enjoy the fact that the networks have to deal with a Philly/Tampa World Series?   Personally, I think this might be a very exciting matchup, but of course the suits at Fox and ESPN will be sure to mention that no one really cares since neither Boston, New York or LA is involved.
  • Mike Aviles was named the sixth best rookie of 2008 by BaseballAmerica.  That is a ranking for the entire Major League, not just the A.L.   You might quibble with that spot, but if Mike is the sixth best sophomore of 2009, I will be ecstatic...and you will be, too.
  • Our friends over at MLBTradeRumors.com offered up the idea of a Luis Castillo for Jose Guillen trade.   It has some merits, but I think I would stick with the Outlaw Jose Guillen at this point.
  • Some of you were wondering about the Royals' international signings this summer.  Well, BaseballAmerica (you can see my Monday morning research spanned all of about four websites!) offers up the two signees:  Jerico Blanco a 16 year old outfielder from Venezuela and Pedro Nivar, a 16 year old Dominican shortstop.   Nothing too earth shattering.  However, the same article does give the Royals kudos for two 2006 signees: catcher Jose Bonilla and pitcher Kelvin Herrera.   Keep those two names in mind over the next couple of years.

Okay, we'll do better tomorrow (I still owe everyone an on-base percentage article).   I'll leave you with one last question:  assume every player in the league was a free agent and the Royals would spend whatever it took to sign one, and only one player.   Which player would that be?