NBA All-Skinny Team: NBA's Skinniest Players by Position

Bell Malley@milesmalleyAnalyst IIIMay 31, 2011

NBA All-Skinny Team: NBA's Skinniest Players by Position

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    Some say the NBA stands for "No Boys Allowed." Here are some players who, based on their body types, look like boys.

    Introducing the "NBA All-Skinny Team," breaking down the skinniest players by position. 

    Hope you enjoy, and feel free to comment if you have any questions or disagreements! 

PG: Allen Iverson, 5'11", 165 Pounds

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    This guy is one of the smallest players who still managed to dominate the game.

    Allen Iverson was not known for his size and strength, but he sure was quick and tough.

    This allowed him to succeed and, at one point, lead his team to the NBA Finals, only to fall to one of the NBA's all-time biggest players in Shaquille O'Neal

SG: Jamal Crawford, 6'5", 200 Pounds

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    Although his height and weight may be deceiving, Jamal Crawford is still somehow a skinny guy. 

    Yet, he still manages to dominate like Iverson. Crawford deserves a spot on this list. 

SF: Kevin Durant, 6'11", 230 Pounds

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    Although 230 pounds might sound like a lot, keep in mind that Durant is 6'11". To put that in perspective, he is only 40 pounds heavier than J.J. Barea, a 5'8" point guard. 

    Still, he's another amazing player in the league. Maybe there's a trend here. 

PF: Tayshaun Prince, 6'9", 215 Pounds

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    This picture is just creepy. Tayshaun Prince looks like an alien, and his arms look like twigs. 

    Once again, here's another skinny player who manages to be great. 

C: Manute Bol, 7'7", 225 Pounds

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    I think this picture says it all.

    Manute Bol was downright skinny.