Sachin Tendulkar: Beautiful Moments, Beautiful Life

Niranjan WelankarContributor IMay 30, 2011

It is high time to write something special.  Something very special.

It is particularly related to this generation and this India.  This is the generation, this is the India which has grown up having some beautiful moments which ultimately make a beautiful life.

It all started in 1989.  No, it was neither Globalisation- Liberalisation- Privatisation nor terrorism. It was something different and it is something different.  It can be said in two words, just two words, but it requires more than two decades to understand those two words.  Sachin Tendulkar.

Cricket is a religion in India and Sachin is the only God of this religion.  This God has been a great icon.  He is a great cosmos that words cannot describe.  He is the matter to feel and to fill energy from within.

Yes, Sachin Tendulkar.  Just two words.  This generation has been living on this fabulous fuel.

This is so extreme, that as long as Sachin Tendulkar plays cricket, this generation will enjoy its childhood, the same pleasure without any stress of life.  Yes, if one wants its proof, one can just experience it.

And if ever there is any stress in life, if ever there are any blockages, then there is another inspiration.  This is a role model of how positive attitude should be possessed, how uncluttered minds can be obtained, how unorthodox i.e. out of the box and yet greatly efficient can be become, how this whole mess of universe can be simplified to straight forward attitude...This is the inspiration called as Virender Sehwag.

This generation has been fed on Sachin Tendurlakr and it has received timely updates from Virender Sehwag.  As long as Sachin plays cricket, this generation would keep enjoying its childhood and at the same time as long as Viru plays, this generation would enjoy its early college days.  This is for sure.

Because life is not counted in terms of years, months or days or success or achievements, it is counted in terms of moments. And these moments are really beautiful moments...