UFC 130: Brian Stann's Future

Kevin FafinskiContributor IMay 29, 2011

When you think of Brian Stann you think of an American hero. A decorated Marine turned Mixed Martial Artist. When you think of top Middleweight contenders, you do not think of Brian Stann.

I however believe that Stann is very underrated among his peers. Stann deserves a challenging opponent to see how he fits in with other legitimate fighters.

Stann was the light heavyweight champion in the UFC's sister organization WEC. He has defeated Steve Cantwell twice, and just knocked out Jorge Santiago, and he crippled the crippler Chris Leben.

He asked for Chris Leben! He said he was not afraid like most people are and he knocked out Leben.

Stann is thriving very well in the UFC and he should get a shot at someone like Nate the Great or even Yushin Okami.

Stann is tough as nails and he shows that he can take a punch and that he can dish them out as well. With three losses in his MMA career it's time to see what this man is really made of.

Stann has proved he can put on a good show and he can beat some of the best. The "All American" needs to be tested by a worthy Middleweight.

"Semper Fi" Mr. Stann