Are You Sure Matt Garza Is the ALCS MVP?

Scott StantonCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

Matt Garza was named the ALCS MVP following Tampa Bay's Game Seven win over the Boston Red Sox. But was that title given to the correct player?

Garza out-pitched the Red Sox in both of his appearances in the series, earning the win each time. He tossed for a combined 234 pitches in 13 innings and accumulated 14 strike outs. While what he did was quite impressive, what he didn't do was even more impressive. He gave up a total of only eight hits and two runs, one of which was a home run off the bat of the mighty-mini, Dustin Pedroia.

Though those numbers are quite impressive, I have to wonder why the award was not given to B.J. Upton. At the plate, Upton went 9-for-26 and was walked four times. Speaking of four, that's also how many times "Bossman Junior" went yard. He also earned 11 RBI and stole two bags en route of the Fall Classic. 

While his offensive contribution's seemed to come at clutch times, they also seemed to take a back seat to his defensive skills. Bossman robbed the Red Sox of hit after hit by covering huge plots of real estate in center field.

You could hold a reasonable argument that Evan Longoria also could have won the title, but Longo's numbers at the plate weren't as impressive as Upton's, and he committed an error that ended up costing them Game Five.

With Game One of the World Series set for Wednesday, perhaps we will see Bossman begin his crusade for the title of, "World Series MVP."