The Five Oddest Personalities in the 2008 World Series

Scott BirchfieldCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

Baseball can be a cooky sport. As with any other sport, there are some special characters. Here is the cream of the crop in this World Series.


1. Grant Balfour

I have never seen a pitcher talk to himself like Balfour does. I understand he's getting pumped up, but Balfour takes it to a new level.


2. Brett Myers

I realize there are many players that have tempers. Brett Myers is a different kind a guy. He can lose it in a second. I think the reason he has lost his consistency is because he blows up too easily.


3. Joe Maddon

Although Maddon is a highly-educated individual, he strikes me as a bit odd. Anyone who uses the word "meatloaf" to describe winning two out of three is funny, but a little out there.


4. Charlie Manuel

He is one of the most laid back men in baseball but still very odd. It was a breath of fresh air seeing Manuel blow up at a reporter earlier in the year. He is so laid back that it is almost uncomfortable. That is probably the reason he has survived in nutty Philly for so long.


5. Scott Kazmir

He is a smaller version of Brett Myers. He is a bomb ready to go off anytime. Kazmir could be one of the top-five pitchers in the league if he could learn to control his emotions.