UFC 130 Results: What's Up Next for the Winners?

Jason Schielke@jasonschielkeCorrespondent IMay 29, 2011

UFC 130 Results: What's Up Next for the Winners?

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    Isn't it fun after an event to sit back, pretend your name is Joe Silva, and think about who you think should fight whom next?

    You know it is. If you said it isn't fun, you must realize that we can see straight through your lies.

    Now that UFC 130 is all over with, it is now time to set back and predict what is going to be next for the main card fighters.

    Since they were all Charlie Sheen-like and "Winning!", we'll start off with the winners from Saturday night.

Brian Stann

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    Brian Stann showed the world, once again, that his power carried with him when he made the drop from light heavyweight to middleweight.

    Stann was able to dispose of Jorge Santiago with relative ease on Saturday night. Yes, it was the sixth time Santiago had been stopped, but it was impressive nonetheless.


    Who is next for Stann?

    Being a former champion, we all know that Stann is good. Now it is time to find out just how good he is in the middleweight division.

    Let's give him the winner of Belfort vs. Akiyama. That should be a good fight to determine exactly where he falls in the middleweight landscape.

Rick Story

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    Saturday night, Story was a "Horror" story for Thiago Alves.

    Story went out there and put on the performance of his career. Not only was he able to control the physically much larger man, for the better part of the fight Story, out-struck the striker.

    After a career-best performance, it's time to see if Story is a contender or pretender.


    Who is next for Rick Story?

    Let's give him Dan Hardy. On paper, it would seem that Story would just have to get Hardy to the mat to take this fight.

    But Hardy has heavy hands, and after his bout against Anthony Johnson, expect to see his wrestling kicked up a notch.

Travis Browne

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    Travis Browne was able to keep his undefeated record intact when he knocked Stefan Struve into next week with a wicked Superman punch.

    Yes, the ending was impressive, but everything before that was a little less impressive.

    Browne showed that he can handle his own on the ground, but the way he rushes in on people is a little scary.


    Who is next for Travis Browne?

    Let's allow Travis to cut his teeth on Mike Russow.

    Browne isn't quite ready for fighters beyond the Cheick Kongo level yet. Russow is a tough veteran fighter, but isn't quite on the level of the elites in the division.

    A fight like this should gauge if Browne would be ready for the Pat Barry's of the world. 

Frank Mir

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    Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

    Again, Frank Mir was able to look spectacular against a C+ fighter. But therein lies the problem.

    It seems with Mir, everything is black and white. When he looks good, he looks great. When he looks not-so-good, he looks horrible.

    Mir has already fought just about everyone in the heavyweight division. He's not quite on par with the elites, yet he's a step ahead of the non-elites.

    I guess in an odd sort of way, he's in a state of limbo.


    Who is next for Frank Mir?

    The loser of the Overeem vs. Werdum match.

    If history has proven anything, "business as usual" doesn't last long in the UFC. Given the UFC's fairly shallow heavyweight division, inject some new blood in to the mix so it's more than just a four-man division.

Rampage Jackson

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    Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

    The latest word going into his fight against Matt Hamill was that should Rampage win, he would get a shot at Jon Jones.

    After his performance Saturday night, is there anyone out there that wants to see that fight?

    Or here is a better question—Does anyone believe that Rampage could be competitive in a fight against Jon Jones?

    I believe it's safe to say that Rampage needs to prove to everyone that he is deserving of a chance to reclaim the title he once held.


    Who is next for Rampage?

    A rematch against Lyoto Machida.

    Both Rampage and Machida have won their fights following their match at UFC 123, in which Rampage won a disputed decision.

    Machida looked very good in his knockout victory over Randy Couture, while Rampage didn't look all that great in defeating Matt Hamill.

    Let's have them go at it again, then determine who is next to be fed to the beast that is Jon Jones.