Bears Defense a Mess: Babich To Blame

Jacob NitzbergAnalyst IOctober 21, 2008

The Chicago Bears were able to pull off an improbable 48-41 victory over the Vikings on Sunday.  This was the most points scored in the history of the series and the most ever allowed by the Bears in a victory.  Instead of being happy with the offense, Bears fans should be angry with the defense.

Somehow, defensive coordinator Bob Babich has taken the unit that carried a Rex Grossman led offense to the Super Bowl and turned them into a team allowing 41 points to Gus Frerotte.  GUS FREROTTE!  The cover-2 scheme is so ineffective that the front four allowed Brian Griese to drop back 67 times without hitting the ground with the ball. 

Why blame this on Babich?  Because on paper, this defense is better than the 2006 unit.  Tommie Harris, Dusty Dvoracek and Mike Brown are "healthy", and the linebackers and cornerbacks should only be getting better than they were two years ago. 

There have been injuries this past year, but they are a part of football.  Besides, the Bears have dealt with them in the past (including '06).  And even the most inexperienced DB (Marcus Hamilton) should know that you don't cover the 10-yard flat when a team needs 30 to get in range for the game-winning field goal with six seconds left.  Plays like that are a result of poor teaching and poor coaching. 

The Bears go into their bye week with a 4-3 record tied atop the division with the underperforming Packers.  Let's hope they spend the time off getting healthy, but also working on fixing what's wrong with the system.  If not, some changes have to be made, since the Bears missing the playoffs with their best offense in years would be a crime against Bears fans everywhere.