Leafs Unlucky To Lose in OT To Ducks on The Road To The Cup

Graeme BoyceCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

Despite a pretty good effort, the Ducks got a bit lucky on their first two and only goals, and the Leafs ended up losers in OT... with Cujo a handy replacement in nets after Toskala must have been benched for falling asleep.  I saw more promise in our European players who obviously played with more enthusiasm tonight, and some might say are beginning to play with some poise and confidence.

Hagman had his chances around the net, as did Kulemin, but I have to wonder if the ol' Blake magic is rubbing off.  It was an exciting end of the third, and a nice OT.  I think we were robbed.  A lucky bounce here and a lucky bounce there, and even Poni would have scored a couple.  Yes, it was close.

Speaking of nice, it's nice to see Antropov score a couple in game, and take away the Sundin mystique of not having a clutch scoring machine on the team.  Here's a great Leafs trivia question: name five Leafs to wear the number 10.  Okay, here's one: Steen.  Don't use Google - ask the question at a bar tomorrow.

Frogren made another excellent hit tonight, and unbelievably Van Ryn played well.  It was a effort matched by the live game announcers, btw, who for once were not espousing the virtues of every opposing players' plays, while overlooking a great Leafs play completely.

Mitchell, Mayers and Moore were practically invisible, sadly, though their names were mentioned by those aforementioned announcers frequently - but not in a way that had me leaping out of my seat. 

Maybe I'm seeing Ian White and Carlo coming back for a game or two, and maybe a blockbuster trade on the horizon.  Well, simply involving more than 3 current and active players.  I'm enjoying this season, and look forward to each passing improvement on the team, as they head toward the Cup this year. 

However, the Montreal game stunk.  It was a wake-up call, for sure.  The team has responded, and yet can't get the puck in the net - well, like I say, the team keeps getting better, and with two hands on the stick and no McCabe we're on our way.  I was hoping we'd take advantage of a weakened team, but the Ducks were no weak adversary, and so entertaining it was - and that's what I'm enjoying.