A Fight on the Bayou: LSU-Georgia Should Be Epic

Christopher WilliamsCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

Although it is not going to be a traditional "Saturday night in Tiger Stadium" game this weekend, it will be as perfect as it gets when LSU and Georgia kick off at 2:30 p.m. CDT in Baton Rouge.

The weather is going to be ideal for a football game in South Louisiana. At kickoff, the temperature will be in the low 70s and the sun will provide the lights for Tiger Stadium.

Georgia is trying to make a case for a bid to the national championship, and after getting embarrassed by Alabama earlier in the season they have to convince the voters that they are a better team than the one that lost to Alabama at home, 41-30.

After LSU won the national championship last year, Georgia felt as if it should have been the team playing Ohio State instead of LSU. The Bulldogs were ranked No. 1 in preseason polls, but when the SEC preseason rankings came out, Florida was the team many felt would win the SEC. On Saturday, the Bulldogs will have a second chance to prove to the nation they are a national championship-caliber team.

The question is what LSU team will come out and play. Will we see the LSU team that was embarrassed by Florida in Gainesville? Or will we see the LSU team that came out and completely dominated the second half against South Carolina last week?

If we see the LSU team that came out and dominated South Carolina in the second half last week, Georgia will have trouble running the ball, even with Knowshon Moreno in the backfield. If we see the LSU team that played against Florida, Moreno will have a field day, but do not expect LSU to come out and roll over for this game.

In order for Georgia to win this one, the Bulldogs will have to depend on Matthew Stafford and AJ Green, but it will be loud and there will be communication breakdowns from time to time for them. Although LSU’s secondary is its weakest link on defense, I have a felling it will not allow AJ Green to have his way. LSU’s defensive line needs to get to Stafford in order to help out the secondary.

How will LSU’s offense factor into the game? It depends on how the quarterbacks are used, if Jarrett Lee will be able to get the ball to the receivers, and if the receivers can catch the ball. Lee is a redshirt freshman who is doing a great job for the Tigers, but he has a tendency to overthrow the ball and, as of late, Brandon Lafell and Demetrius Byrd have been dropping balls that should have been catches.

It is hard to break this game down because there are a lot of factors, but I think LSU will pull off the win only because it is a home game.

If you want to read more about this matchup, both schools have a website that was designed by the same people. Go to tigerdroppings.com to get the latest LSU information or to dawgrant.com to get the latest Georgia information.