NHL Power Rankings: 10 Best Goal Celebration Songs in the NHL

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NHL Power Rankings: 10 Best Goal Celebration Songs in the NHL
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The history behind the goal horn in the NHL is not that ancient.

While there were a few different stories floating around, the one with the most credibility was that the Chicago Blackhawks had a marine horn installed by Kahlenburg Marine Horns at old Chicago Stadium in January of 1983.

The horn has four brass trumpets pointing in four different directions and is mounted at center ice under the scoreboard.  Like old baseball teams take old foul poles to new ball parks when they move, the Blackhawks took the old horn with them to the new United Center in 1994.

One story claimed that the Hawks were the originators of the horn but that one was first installed in 1973 during the Stanley Cup Finals as the Blackhawks battled the Montreal Canadiens.

Depending on the exact one, these horns can come at a cost of $2,000.  However, most range in price from $700 to roughly $1000.

After listening to every horn, siren, and song that all 30 NHL teams play following a goal, I am not sure whether to get against the wall and put my hands over my head or just jump in my bathtub and throw a mattress over myself while the storm passes.

I like my list but must first caution you. I found it annoying that a third of the teams in the league used one of three songs.  There is a high probability that your team will not be on this list if they currently play Zombie Nation, Gary Glitter's song Rock n' Roll Part 2 or Blur's Song 2.  Originality had to count for something!

That’s not to say that a team that uses one of these three songs will not appear in the top 10, it just has to be very original in the way they use it.

I also want to apologize to Canuck's fans.  Even though their song is original (Green Day, Holiday) it will not be on my list.  I could not in good faith include a song that many consider to be anti-American and deeply political on Memorial Day weekend or any other time for that matter.

Therefore, as you prepare to root for the Canucks or Bruins in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals, sit back and check out what I believe to be the 10 best goal horn celebration songs in the NHL.

As always, please leave your comments and please be tasteful when doing so.

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