Roy Nelson Beats Frank Mir at UFC 130 Placing Him Behind Dos Santos and Carwin

Eric WardenContributor IMay 28, 2011

Roy Nelson Beats Frank Mir at UFC 130 Placing Him Behind Dos Santos and Carwin

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    Mir and Nelson will meet at UFC 130
    Mir and Nelson will meet at UFC 130

    When former UFC champ Frank Mir meets former IFL champ Roy Nelson at UFC 130, title implications will be on the line.

    Frank Mir recently shared his view of the heavyweight division's line of title contenders saying,

    “I figure the winner of that match (Dos Santos vs. Carwin) is very deserving; I don’t think that anyone can argue that they’re not very deserving. And I think this match on Saturday between Roy and myself now puts us in the No. 2 spot. I might have to fight one more time after Saturday to take up time because obviously they’re going to have to set up a fight with Cain and the winner of that fight, but I feel that right now, that puts us right there steamrolling into it.”

    Dana White has expressed that Mir's interpretation of the heavyweight title picture is spot on.  The winner of tonight's fight between Mir and Nelson will be 1 bout away from a title shot. 

    "Big Country" Roy Nelson will look to catapult himself into a top 5 UFC heavyweight slot with a win over Mir.

    Here are the three reasons Nelson will defeat Mir at UFC 130.

Stopping Power

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    Nelson kos Struve.
    Nelson kos Struve.

    Both men tend to finish opponents whether it be by knockout or submission.

    Nelson has accrued eight knockouts in his twenty fight career.  He looks to end fights early with his devastating overhand right and huge uppercuts.

    Mir has definitely improved his standup and should be considered the more technical striker in this bout but he lacks ko power.  He has only three KO's and two were over fighters well past their prime.

    In the submission game it is a bit more even.  Mir has won by submission eight times and Nelson five.

    In a fight were the two men will look to finish early Nelson has the distinct advantage. 


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    Nelson took Dos Santos' best.
    Nelson took Dos Santos' best.

    Nelson has only been knocked-out once in his storied career.  

    "Big Country" had his granite chin on display when he faced heavyweight top dog Junior dos Santos.  

    The lethal Brazilian striker landed countless shots to Nelson's jaw, but was unable to ko the determined warrior.

    On the other hand, all five of Mir's losses have come by T(KO).  If the two fighters square off and trade, it won't be long before Mir hits the canvas.

    Again, the distinct advantage goes to Nelson.

Psychological and Grappling Edge

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    Nelson mounting Mir on his way to victory at Grappler's Quest in 2003.
    Nelson mounting Mir on his way to victory at Grappler's Quest in 2003.

    The psychological advantage that "Big Country" possesses over Mir is in part due to their grappling history.

    Although it was 2003 when Nelson beat Mir at Grappler's Quest, there is no doubt it will play a role in tonight's fight.  Mir was dominated when he faced Nelson, therefore he may be reluctant to take this fight to the ground.

    If Mir does decide to bring this fight to the ground he may find himself unable to do so.  In his recent fight with Cro Cop he failed on numerous takedown attempts and was forced to stand.

    When Mir fails to have the fight on his terms his drive seems diminished.  Lesnar and Carwin were able to control Mir on the ground and against the cage.  Mir, unable to employ his game plan, stopped looking for ways to win.   

    If the two remain standing Nelson should be hunting for the ko.  

    If Mir looks to take "Big Country" down, Nelson will likely stuff the takedown and tire Mir out against the cage.  

    Either way, Mir will eventually breakdown psychologically, abandon his game plan, and get knocket out!