Icing the Kicker: Part II

Michael TombolesiContributor IOctober 21, 2008

After writing about the Bills' late-game drama against the Cowboys last season, and the Cardinals against the Cowboys, there is a new saga after Week Seven in the NFL.

The Oakland Raiders were playing the New York Jets at home and they were not playing well, yet they somehow had a rare, late-game lead. The Jets drove under weak leadership from the veteran Brett Favre and got his team into field-goal position. From 52 yards out, Feely hit the upright and missed the game-tying field goal, giving the Raiders the W, right?

Wrong, because the Raiders' Interim Head Coach Tom Cable called time out, nullifying the desperately-needed victory for Oakland. Once again, the strategy of icing the kicker comes into effect, and how would you use it?

Once again, like the Bills and Cardinals, the Raiders' fate was not left in their hands because Feely buried the 52 yarder the second time around. Personally, this settles it for me—NFL coaches stop attempting to "ice" the kicker!

Nothing is more heartbreaking than watching your team hold a late-game lead or be tied and find out that the opponent's missed field-goal attempt doesn't count is awful.  Trust me, I have experienced it last year with the Bills-Cowboy's game, and the taste is pure sour.

So, I hope that we have learned our lesson, because this strategy is not a good one.  Hopefully I won't be writing, "Icing the Kicker: Part III".