Justin GravesContributor INovember 6, 2016

       Cleveland Browns tight end Kellen Winslow is just the latest player serving a one game suspension after speaking his mind to upper management.  Winslow who is now recovered from his second staph infection in two years blames his management for the problem in the Browns facilities, were a number of Browns have contracted staph infections.  Question, is benching the pro-bowl tight end the best thing for a struggling offence? Is his benching even warranted? Is this how the Cleveland Browns are treating players?  No, no and yes benching Winslow just goes to show that this league is trying to control too much.  This isn't a player concerned over contracts or balls being thrown his way.  Its a matter of life and death.  If the Browns management isn't standing in the players corner or taking all necessary steps to keep players healthy and focused, then they deserve to be thrown to the presses criticism. Now Phil Savage will be forced to take a second look at the facility and how he treats the players. Thinking that Winslow is a distraction or is causing a problem for speaking out is mind blowing when you think of what players go through week in and week out.  Yes they make the big buck to get handed the brutality on the Field, they don't however get paid to play Russian roulette with there health at facilities that are supposed to be the best in the known sports world.  The problems facing the Cleveland Browns will not be major for Winslow's actions, he is just a young player looking to protect himself and his teammates.  There should not have been a suspension because there should not have been a infection.  Its  sad news for Browns fans considering we only have had Winslow healthy for a short period of time and he probably wont be a Brown next year.  Who's next to have to deal with more problems off the Field than on it?  To the fans its just losing another hugh talent to the ever growing problems. Its not wins on sunday anymore we have to worry about, its weather behind those closed doors players and coaches and management can keep it all together, like Browns fans need anything more to hang there heads about..