Oklahoma State at Texas Caps Another Big Week in The Big 12

David HedlindAnalyst IIOctober 21, 2008


Ohio at Temple- Tuesday game in the MAC for…not much. Really the win here is just to stay eligible for a winning season. A loss puts either at 6 losses and a 6-6 at best season.


Auburn at West Virginia- At the beginning of the season this was supposed to be a huge one between two ranked teams. Now neither is ranked and both need the win kinda badly.

New Mexico at Air Force- Everyone is talking about Utah, BYU and TCU in the Mountain West. Air Force actually has a 3-1 record in the conference and is just as in it as those other three. New Mexico, not so much.


Boise State at San Jose State- In all the WAC, these are the two that are undefeated in conference play. San Jose State has been something of a surprise in reaching for the top of the conference while Boise State is still eyeballing the BCS.


Cincinnati at Connecticut- The Big East has barely started conference play but these two are still close to the top. There overall records has both with 5 wins. So the winner hit’s the 6 for bowl eligibility.

Boston College at North Carolina- This is a pretty decent one in the ACC. Both are at 5 wins so again bowl eligibility is on the line. North Carolina needs the win if it wants to even have an outside chance at the Conference Championship game.

Texas Tech at Kansas- A couple of ranked teams in the Big 12 going at it for yet another week. Lots of offense in this match up and Texas Tech is trying to stay perfect.

UNLV at BYU- UNLV started the season hot but is now 0-3 in Mountain West play. BYU needs to rebound from the loss to TCU last week.

Duke at Vanderbilt- Two of the more improved teams in the country. Vanderbilt is looking at this one for a 6th win to get them to bowl eligible for the first time in….well a long time.

Virginia Tech at Florida State- Anther big ACC game. Both at 5 wins looking for 6 for bowl eligibility and at 2-1 in the conference. A 3-1 record would suit either just fine.

Virginia at Georgia Tech- Virginia appeared to be helpless but has turned their season around since the start of the season. Georgia Tech has a 3-1 ACC lead and a 6-1 overall record.

Georgia at LSU- Now we got a couple top teams in the SEC playing it out. Georgia may well take a page from hated rival Florida on how to beat LSU and LSU will look to see what rival Alabama did to beat UGA. Could and should be good but something tells me one of these teams is going to run the other over. I’m not saying who though.

Michigan State at Michigan- In most states this one would be reserved fro rivalry weekend at the end of the season. In a reversal of rolls Michigan State is the apparent better team this year.

Oklahoma State at Texas- Texas has been playing ranked teams every week lately. This time we get 2 undefeated, top 10 teams in an after noon match up. I think this one will be another scoreboard burning, down to the wire game.

Alabama at Tennessee- This has to be the turnaround game of the season. Alabama has turned it around staring the season at 7-0 which is exactly the number of wins they had last season including their bowl. Tennessee has started 3-4 and 1-3 in the conference and finds itself in last place in the East after winning the division last season.

Penn State at Ohio State- Biggest of the game in the Big 10 of the year, so far and probably till the end of the season. Penn State is 8-0 overall and 4-0 in conference. Ohio State is 7-1 overall and 4-0 in the conference. The winner has the inside track to the conference title.

Notre Dame at Washington- Everyone loves to build up these, old coach new team games. This will probably be the last time though since it looks like Willingham is gone pretty soon.

USC at Arizona- Arizona should have lost that game with Cal last week in order to save some luck for this week. Not that they aren’t a capable team they seem to have a history of just 1 big win later in the season.


Oregon at Arizona State- Good chance these two are somewhere in the mix for at least second place in the conference. Probably going to see some points in this one.