San Francisco 49ers: Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick and the Third Stringer

Ryan The Broker@@ryanthebrokerAnalyst IMay 28, 2011

San Francisco Chronicle writer Tom FitzGerald reported Friday that Colin Kaepernick and Alex Smith worked out at a private location with a few other 49ers

According to FitzGerald, the only comment that came from Alex was "Sorry," as he rolled a gate closed to keep the media outside.

Colin Kaepernick shied away from answering questions as well. "I'm not allowed to do interviews," he said, and wouldn't say who did the forbidding, FitzGerald reported.

Alex and Colin are both class acts. These two guys are competing with one another for the starting job next year.

They are not being forced to work together by coach Jim Harbaugh; this is not a team organized practice. And yet there they are. Two professionals going to work. 

Despite how you may feel about Smith, there is no one that should challenge his character. He has always maintained a good attitude and has been a role model for his teammates in that way. It appears he is continuing on that path under the guidance of Harbaugh.

First impressions are everything. How do you like the impression Kaepernick is making on his new team? Could you imagine Cam Newton working out with Clausen? Yeah, right. This just confirms what I already thought about CK. Another great character guy. 

Whether you are pulling for Smith, Kaepernick or both, Niners fans should feel good to see their QBs out there working together to prepare.

Heck, maybe you are pulling for David Carr.