Chicago Bulls 2011 Season: Do We Believe the Panic in Chicago?

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Chicago Bulls 2011 Season: Do We Believe the Panic in Chicago?
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Sound the alarms, SOS, hit the panic button, code red…The Chicago Bulls lost four straight games to the Miami Heat and have been eliminated from the playoffs.

Listening to Chicago sports talk radio today I could not believe what I was hearing: Losing this series will keep the Bulls from advancing past the Heat in future seasons; comparisons of the Bulls defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers year after year in the playoffs during the Jordan Era is now how the Miami Heat will treat us for years to come.

Are you serious Chicago? Take another deep breath, sleep on it another night. The Bulls are not going anywhere.

From a .500 team the past two seasons to the best record in the NBA during the regular season, as well as winning two series in the playoffs before losing to the Heat—is that not growth? Did we not exceed expectations?

The Bulls learned three things this season, the first is how to win during the regular season. They came to play night in and night out. Consistency is an accomplishment, the Bulls did not lose three straight games all season until they lost four straight to the Heat.

The second thing the Bulls learned is how to survive and advance in the playoffs, beating Indiana and Atlanta in the playoffs was like graduating grade school. It’s a very important step to experience and win playoff battles.

The third thing the Bulls learned this season, to be a true championship team, you have to elevate your game the farther in the playoffs you advance. The Bulls were so dominant in the regular season because they showed up every night, while other teams took nights off, the Bulls kept the intensity up. In the playoffs you can’t play with regular season intensity, you need to keep raising it up the further you go.

Back to the mass panic that has swept Chicago airwaves.

Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah will only continue to improve, and I do not see them giving into the thought that the Miami Heat own them. I do not see coach Tom Thibodeau waving the white flag next season when the Bulls play the Heat again in the conference finals.

Sit back and relax Chicago. It may hurt now, but good times are in the future. Enjoy the ride.

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