The BCS Must Go: Let's Boycott until a Playoff Comes!

Brad JamesCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

I preface this article with a painful memory.

For all their imperfections, my Denver Broncos, who embarrassed themselves against the Patriots Monday night, still have a chance to lick their wounds and get things right during their bye week before they face Miami.

Nevertheless, if you are Brigham Young University, your hopes are crushed because of Texas Christian's excellence in a 32-7 beat down at your expense last Thursday.

Yes, it was a bad loss, but look who's returning to the Top 10 of this week's BCS standings.  Why, it's BCS darling Ohio State checking in at No. 9, the same Buckeyes who were shellacked by USC 35-3.

Those who circumspectly follow college football know that this same USC squad (which incidentally is fifth in the initial BCS standings) fell to Oregon State. The Beavers in turn were defeated by Utah, who is a conference rival of Brigham Young.

Therefore, both the Trojans and Buckeyes are being given unfair advantages which will help them in their quest for the mythical national title.

While the aforementioned Utah and Boise State are both sitting pretty right now, if either is upset in conference play, that school, like Brigham Young, is dead.

We all know that, given the current parity in the collegiate game, it's extremely difficult for a traditional power to emerge without a loss.

Nevertheless, all "mid-majors," despite their excellence on the field of play (if you have doubts about this, I adjure you to check the Mountain West vs. PAC-10 results this season), are disqualified if anything goes awry.

We must have a playoff.

There are many administrators who are beginning to realize just how wrong the BCS is. Like I mentioned in a previous article, University of Georgia president Michael F. Adams (who oddly enough is an Ohio State graduate) is among those who have sought to institute a playoff.

To do my part (all we Latter-Day Saints believe that we must do all we can if a change is to occur), I plan to boycott bowl season by not watching any bowl games.

We as sports fans are anything but deprived. We've got the NBA, NFL, and college basketball. For those of you who love hockey, that's available as well. I exhort each and every one of you who reads this post to picket and protest because college football's hierarchy primarily believes that we're too weak to resist.

Let's prove them wrong!