WWE's Greatest Feud? Edge vs. Undertaker Most Underrated Feud of All Time?

RiZESenior Writer IMay 27, 2011

When asking the question, what is the WWE’s Greatest Rivalry, a ton of names immediately disrupts the mindset of a WWE Fan. A number of feuds tend to spread the minds of fans. From timeless classics to golden rivalries from the past, the question arises once again. What is the WWE’s greatest rivalry?

Is it Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, The Rock vs. Stone Cold, or is it Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon?

A match is just one factor that makes a great feud. The compelling promos and the overall chemistry between the Superstars must remain a factor.

What defines the greatest rivalry?

The two competitors involved.

One feud that is a worthy challenger to this notion occurred by solely by chance. This rivalry was sparked out of a number of negative circumstances that will forever make it unique.

Edge and The Undertaker.

Two of the greatest superstars in the WWE, legendary by their standards, a clash of two distinctive generations, neither almost second to none.

The majority of pro wrestling rivalries start off with a simple promo or swift matchup. This rivalry began with an injury to one of the combatants.  After extending his streak to 14-0, The Undertaker began his first World Title reign in almost five years.

The Era of the Deadman ended before it met its appropriate launch.

Star struck by a series of matches with Batista, The Undertaker bare battle wounds that displayed the World Champion as vulnerable. When a weakness has shown itself, a time of opportunity arises among the breed. That time came on the May 11th 2007 edition of Smackdown.

Continuing a series of draws with Batista, the Undertakers’ prone body lay in the middle of the ring after a steel cage match.

Clearly debilitated by the Steel Cage match, the Last Outlaw was an easy target for opportunity and impact.

Before the events of Smackdown, there was also a chance for opportunity on RAW.

Mr. Money in the Bank, Mr. Kennedy, was goaded into defending his briefcase against Edge. A pre-match assault left Kennedy unable to defeat Edge. As soon as the bell tolled for the beginning, Kennedy was counted down after the sudden impact of a spear.

These events left the question of when Edge would cash in the briefcase. Was Edge headed for WWE title reign number three?

Before our predictions could flourish, the answer was bestowed upon on us mere hours later.

As a mangled Undertaker held his Championship in his grasp, the familiar tune of a defeated foe commenced throughout the arena. The Worlds Strongest Man, Mark Henry, began the destruction of the Undertaker.

After pummeling the Undertaker as if he were an insect, officials forced Mark Henry to leave the squared circle.

Before Henry disappeared into the entrance ramp, an unfamiliar tune played throughout the SmackDown Kingdom. When opportunity presents itself, it’s only fair that the Ultimate Opportunist takes advantage.

Edge treaded swiftly towards the squared circle with his newly acquired briefcase in hand.

In the words of John Bradshaw Layfield, “The Undertaker is a sitting duck”.

The Rated R Superstar immediately pinned the Deadman only to receive a two count. In the events that mirrored Edge’s cash in on John Cena a year before, Edge speared the Champion to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

As the World Champion mocked the commentators and live audience, The Undertaker’s battered body lay lifeless in the middle of the ring.


Undertaker gathered himself and rose to his feet only to have Edge crush his skull with the briefcase.

In a moment that will be remembered forever by the viewers, Undertaker was carried out of the arena by multiple druids.

In reality, The Undertaker suffered an injury that would sideline him for months.

As Undertaker’s rehab commenced, Edge sparked a feud with Batista. Edge defeated The Animal on each encounter but would suffer a similar fate. During an angle with Kane, Edge tore his left pectoral muscle. The Rated R Superstar was forced to relinquish something that has defined a portion of his career.

With both gladiators out with injuries, Dave Batista and The Great Khali picked up the World Championship.

At Survivor Series 2007, The Undertaker found himself seconds away from winning the World Championship.

A tombstone piledriver on the steel steps left Dave Batista a shell of his former self.

Before the Undertaker could reclaim the Championship, opportunity once again displayed itself. Edge made his shocking return, crushing Taker’s skull with a camera. A vicious con-chair-to Undertaker cemented Batista’s state as the World Champion.

Edge was back and seemingly more demented than ever.

With the addition of Smackdown GM, Vicky Guerrero, the World Title was almost promised to the Rated R Superstar.

At Armageddon, the help of the Major Broski’s led Edge to his fourth World Title reign.

This feud met an abrupt end with Undertaker forced out of the World Title picture by Vickie Guerrero. As the Ultimate Opportunist battled the Ultimate Underdog, Undertaker stood victorious in Satin’s Structure. The victory awarded Undertaker a World Championship match at WrestleMania XXIV.

Weeks of mind games by both and the Streak vs. Streak factor created anticipation for the impending matchup.

In one of the most underrated matches in WWE History, Edge was victim to Hell’s Gate.

Most would say Shawn Michaels exposed The Undertaker as human. In my opinion, Edge stripped the invincibility of Undertaker and was seconds away from victory.

A rematch would seemingly settle the score as the result mirrored the WrestleMania match. The nefarious Vickie Guerrero stripped Undertaker of his holy grail. The Smackdown GM cited the danger of the Hell’s Gate as the reason behind her unpopular decision.

A rematch at Judgment Day ended with the Last Outlaw the victor.

By count out

Vickie Guerrero capitalized on the decision and vacated the title citing a Championship cannot be won by a count out.

A rematch at WWE One Night Stand would involve an infamous stipulation. If the Deadman lost the TLC Match, he would be banished from the WWE. With the assistance of La Familia, Edge regained the World Championship and subsequently sent shock waves through the WWE Universe.

In reality, Undertaker was suffering from another injury that would require rehabilitation.

In his absence, Edge was a victim of the Money in the Bank briefcase. A scandal with Alicia Fox fueled newly weds Edge and Vickie Guerrero. The unfaithful ways of Edge eventually led to Guerrero reinstating the Undertaker.

Vickie placed an extremely demented Edge in a Hell in a Cell match with the Last Outlaw.

At SummerSlam, the Rated R Superstar battled the Deadman valiantly but would fall victim to the spear and Tombstone piledriver. After the match, Undertaker choke slammed Edge off of a ladder through the mat. As the puncture Edge’s body left spur into flames, it was seemingly the exclamation point of this vigorous feud.

At this point, I know most are questioning why they should consider this feud one of the greatest.

Was it the contrast in gimmicks? Or was it the clash of familiar foes? Did it carry one of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history? Was it success eclipsed by Ric Flairs last (WWE) match? Was the inclusion of factors such as Guerrero, La Familia, Mysterio, and Batista a notion to its greatness?

What about the multiple injuries involved? Did this feud revolve around the right place at the right time?

Each of those questions is subject to opinion.

One thing remains a staple to this amazing rivalry.

It was underrated.


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