College Football: Why Playoffs Would Ruin It

IcemanCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

When you turn on your TV or are driving to a game, you get that feeling, that rush of excitement.  If the team you are watching is a national championship contender, you know this game is vital to stay in the race.  Unless your name is LSU, multiple losses ruin your chances of playing in the big game. 

Wouldn't it then be fair to say that the regular season is basically like a big playoff, with the losers going to lower bowls, kind of like the losers' bracket?  And with the teams that win and dominate the entire year go to the big game?

I would cry my self to sleep every night if college football had playoffs similar to the NFL (No Fun League). Why anyone would watch a game that has no real meaning to who goes to the Superbowl is beyond me. 

Example: say the Giants win enough games to make the playoffs, but still have two games left, why would they even try.  If it doesn't matter if you win or lose, why play? 

My friends sometimes make me suffer through Sunday night football, and all I can think about is how Texas and Oklahoma duked it out, or how Percy Harvin can out-juke anything.  I would be in tears to see Tebow and company walk through a game because they made playoffs already. 

I know the BSC is messed up, but please, don't ruin my Saturdays by turning them into Sunday or Monday snoozers.