Impact Wrestling Review 5/26/11: Foley's Plan, Scorpion Sitdown, Angle vs. RVD

Charlie GSenior Writer IMay 28, 2011

The show starts, and immediately, we have a match getting started. No opening promos or backstage segments but an actual match to kick off Impact!

Hemme announces a Tag Team Street Fight. Tommy Dreamer comes out to a little heat from the crowd. His partner, Bully Ray, on the other hand gets a huge amount of heat from the crowd in the Impact Wrestling Zone.

Their opponents, Fortune's own AJ Styles and Daniels. 

AJ is wearing a neck brace. AJ was put in that brace after Tommy Dreamer piledrivered AJ through a table at Sacrifice.

AJ and Daniels don't even reach the ring before Ray and Dreamer attack. 

Bully Ray and Daniels fight outside the ring as AJ and Tommy head into the stands.

AJ threw Dreamer over a wall then hit him with a big cross body. The cross body happened at about the 3:08 mark.

Daniels would introduce some weapons into this street fight. Daniels tossed a couple of garbage cans, garbage can lids and singapore canes.

Daniels would beat Bully Ray down with the trash can lids for a while. Ray went down after repeatedly being hit in the head with the trash can lids. Daniels went for the BME (Best Moonsault Ever) but Ray got his boot up and caught Daniels in the face.

Bully Ray got up and hit Daniels with a huge Rock Bottom type move for a two count. Daniels rolled out of the ring and AJ entered.

Bully Ray grabbed the singapore cane and swung at AJ who ducked and hit a Pele kick!

Bully Ray goes down meanwhile, Tommy Dreamer enters the ring and stands in the corner. AJ grabs a trash can lid and charges at Dreamer who gets the boot up.

Bully Ray and Dreamer rip off AJ's neck brace and target his weakness. Both men hit AJ in the neck and drop Styles with neckbreakers.

Ray tells Tommy to get on the top rope. Ray sets AJ up in a piledriver and walks towards the corner.

Daniels kicks Tommy off the ropes and kicks Bully Ray in the head and AJ follows up with a shot to the head using the singapore cane.

Daniels points to Dreamer and Styles grabs Tommy and sets up a Styles Clash. No, Daniels climbs the top rope and AJ holds Dreamer in a piledriver.

Daniels jumps and forces Tommy down in what Tenay called a Spike Piledriver. AJ and Daniels get the win.


We're back and Hemme welcomes us to the Scorpion Sitdown. Sting's music plays but instead Mr. Anderson comes out dressed as old school Sting.

Anderson makes fun of Sting's age and buries "The Icon."

Anderson says he has a special guest for tonight. Disco Inferno!

Inferno comes out and takes a seat with Anderson. Anderson continues to make fun of Sting and Inferno calls Anderson an asshole. 

Inferno starts to talk positive things about Sting but Anderson keeps cutting him off. Inferno keeps talking positive about Sting but Anderson says he's had enough. This segment was supposed to be used to bury Sting.

Inferno says he won't bury Sting and calls Anderson, not an asshole, but a dick. Anderson says, "Excuse me?"

Inferno does Anderson's mic drop and calls him a dick again. Anderson grabs his mic, laughs then busts Inferno open with the mic. Anderson continues to beat Inferno down with a mic until the real Sting comes out.

Anderson runs away and Sting helps a bloodied Disco Inferno.

Backstage we see Eric Young walk into a bathroom. EY can't stand the smell but needs to talk to Gunner. Gunner is furious and wants his belt. Eric has a plan.

They'll have a title match and Gunner will poke EY and Eric will lay down for Gunner. Finger poke of doom style. Gunner agrees.

Velvet is in the ring and wants an explanation from ODB after her return and attack on Velvet last week.

ODB comes to the ring and goes through some of the reasons why she was fired last year.

Was it because she had no talent? No.

Was it because she had a bad attitude? No.

Was it because of her in-ring ability? No.

ODB blames her departure from TNA on Velvet. 

Velvet says that she is tired of everyone always blaming her for things. ODB makes fun of Velvet by saying she hasn't earned anything. She thinks Velvet slept her way to the top. ODB proceeds to attack Velvet again. Security comes to break it up.

There's a video promoting the Angle vs RVD match and the new 'wrestling matters' slogan.

After that video we get a replay of last week. The video is of Bobby Roode getting beaten down by Immortal.

TNA Tag Team Champions, Beer Money, are in Eric Bischoff's office.

Bischoff says that Beer Money is going to have to defend the titles at Slammiversary but Roode is injured. James Storm needs to find a new partner within 30 days or else Beer Money will be stripped of the belts. Who's Storm's partner going to be at Slammiversary? Anyone thinking what I'm thinking?

A video airs of the past episode of Xplosion. It shows The Pope talking to a lady in the crowd who turns out to be Devon's wife. Devon doesn't like it and we may have a feud between these two in coming weeks.

Next up is Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle's handpicked opponent, Matt Morgan.

Both guys are in the ring and Karen is standing ringside. Right before the match starts Double J leaves the ring. Why?

Jeff yells at SoCal Val to get out of her seat. Jeff gives the chair to Karen but referee Earl Hebner doesn't want Karen too close to the ring. Jeff, Earl and Karen are all yelling at each other and Earl gives Karen the choice to either sit further away from the ring or leave.

Jeff gets onto the apron and "The Blueprint" goes to grab him but Jarrett pokes Morgan in the eyes. Jeff then climbs the top rope and hits Morgan with a cross body for barely a one count.

Morgan sends Jarrett to the corner and crushes him with a running splash. Morgan isn't done as he beats away at Jarrett with a series of elbows in the corner followed by a sideslam for a two.

Morgan throws Jarrett face first into the turnbuckle then sets up for a Carbon Footprint. 

Jarrett ducks and targets Morgan's knees. Jarrett gains momentum and bounces off the ropes but jumps into the arms of Matt Morgan.

A big fall away slam followed by a pin. Karen gets to ringside and yells for Jeff to get up. Jeff manages to kick out at two.

Jeff crawls towards Karen who gives him her crutch. The referee is in between Morgan and Jarrett but "The Blueprint" pushes him out of the way only to get hit in the throat by the crutch. Jarrett follows up with The Stroke and goes for a pin. 1, 2, Morgan kicks out!

Jeff jumps off the middle rope but right into the grasp of Matt Morgan. Morgan sets up a chokeslam but instead hits Jarrett with an atomic drop followed by a Carbon Footprint!

Morgan goes for the pin but Karen has referee, Earl Hebner's, attention. Scott Steiner comes from nowhere. Morgan turns around and goes for a clothesline but Steiner ducks and lays Morgan out.

Steiner puts Jeff on top of Morgan for a three count.

A video airs about Immortal destroying the X Division.

Bischoff is in the ring and introduces Hulk Hogan. Hogan comes out and talks about his meeting in New York with Network officials. Hogan says that the Network people agreed about getting rid of the X Division. Hulk loved the way Bischoff handled the X Division and completely wiped them off the face of Impact Wrestling.

Mick Foley comes out and says that he changed the mind of the Network executives. The X Division put Impact on the map. The Network officials gave Foley the power to make the card for July's Destination X pay-per-view.

Foley wants the card to be one of the best and says he will be scanning the globe for the best X Division talents available. (Hopefully Foley gets Petey Williams).

Hogan offers Foley a match tonight. A championship match against "The Monster" Abyss for the X Division title. Brian Kendrick comes out followed by Amazing Red and Generation Me.

Kendrick wants the match and Hogan grants it.

Backstage, Winter is giving Angelina a massage even though Winter has a match against Knockouts Champion, Mickie James next.

The match goes back and forth until Winter hits Mickie with a Northern Lights Suplex for a two. Winter then stomped on Mickie and grabbed her by the hair.

Mickie hit Winter with a jaw breaker, took her down then nailed her with a drop kick.

Winter pushed Mickie into the corner which allowed Mickie to do her signature hurricanranna followed by a clothesline. Winter raked Mickie's eyes and attempted a fall away slam but Mickie broke free and hit her finishing DDT for the win.

After the match, Winter was bleeding from the mouth which set Angelina Love off and she attacked Mickie after the match.

Backstage Abyss talks about his match with Kendrick and takes his 'girl' Janice and starts walking through some hallways. Out of nowhere former champion, Kazarian attacks Abyss and takes Janice away from The Monster.

Kendrick comes out first and awaits Abyss.

Abyss limps to the bottom of the entrance ramp but Kendrick jumps over the ropes to take Abyss down.

Kendrick kept the offense going outside the ring with a lot of kicks to Abyss' legs. Kendrick rolled Abyss into the ring but walked right into The Monster's grip. Chokesl- no! Kendrick bites Abyss' hand to break free.

Another chokeslam but Kendrick breaks out and drop kicks Abyss. Kendrick runs right into a big elbow by Abyss. Abyss sends Kendrick into the corner hard with a big irish whip.

Kendrick gets crushed in the corner. Abyss picks him up and knocks him back down with a right hand. Kendrick shows some fight but gets caught in a bear hug.

Kendrick fights out of the bear hug but then runs into a big boot. Abyss picks Kendrick up over his head and attempts to throw him out of the ring. Kendrick slides down Abyss' back hits him with a kick to the face then one to the knee and the Monster's down.

Kendrick runs at Abyss who launches him into the air but Kendrick hits another drop kick. Nice reversal.

Kendrick hit a missile dropkick off the top for a two.

Kendrick has another high flying move in mind but can't do it. Referee, Jackson James is standing right in front Abyss. He's blocking Kendrick's view of Abyss. Abyss dives towards the ropes and Kendrick falls off the top rope.

Black Hole Slam for a three. This isn't the first time Jackson James unintentionally screwed someone out of a title match. Abyss retains.

More videos to promote the first ever match between Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam.

TV title match coming up. Eric Young comes to the ring with the TV title. Gunner comes out with the old TNA Heavyweight title. Before the bell we get a reminder of their agreement.

Eric Young is going to lay down to Gunner after a poke of the finger.

Gunner pokes EY and Eric is down! Finger poke of doom!

Gunner goes for the pin and....EY reverses it and rolls up Gunner! One, two, three! New TV Champion, Eric Young!

After the match Gunner is furious and chases EY around the ringside area. EY eventually runs away with his old TNA Heavyweight title and new TV title.

The main event match is next and Jeff and Karen Jarrett join the broadcast team.

The boxing style intros and this Impact main event is under way!

Angle and RVD go back and forth. They have a counter for everything thrown at them. Angle runs at RVD and gets hit by a big wheel kick followed by a kick to the chin. Rolling Thunder and Angle rolls out of the ring to catch his breath. RVD taunts with the crowd.

Angle uses his mat wrestling skills to keep RVD grounded. RVD pushes Kurt to the ropes but is taken down via shoulder block. RVD gets up and kicks Angle in the face and Kurt falls into the corner.

RVD does a huge Monkey Flip to Kurt and damn, was Angle sent flying after it.

RVD taunts again and goes for another Rolling Thunder but Angle sends RVD over head with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle with a suplex for a two. Angle tries another pin but gets another two.

Angle hits RVD with a running knee for a two count.

Angle works over RVD's back then goes to hit RVD's head against the turnbuckle. RVD reverses it and kicks Kurt in the face.

RVD mounts some offense with punches and kicks. RVD does his signature kick off the top rope to Angle. Pin for a two.

RVD goes for a clothesline but Angle ducks and turns him inside out with a German Suplex for a two count.

Angle goes for an Angle Slam but RVD reverses it into a DDT. RVD climbs the rope for a Frog Splash. Angle runs up the ropes and throws RVD with a belly-to-belly off the top rope.

The straps come down you know what happens next: Ankle Lock.

Angle has RVD locked in for a long time but RVD breaks out and kicks Angle.

Five Star Frog Splash! Angle moves out of the way! RVD lands hard on the mat and gets up into an Angle Slam! Angle wins!

It was a pretty good show. Hogan coming back certainly didn't help but it didn't take that much away.

The good parts of the show was the fact that we started with a wrestling match. No opening promo. The Scorpion Sitdown was pretty cool and I guess Anderson is an official heel now.

The ODB/Velvet segment was pretty boring and ODB's attack was bad. They just rolled around on the mat.

I like how Storm has to pick a new partner since Roode's injury. Maybe there'll be a AMW reunion and Roode will fly solo.

The Morgan/Jarrett match was good but I hate how Morgan lost. He was screwed by Karen and Scott Steiner.

I really like Mick Foley's plan for Destination X. I want to see the X Division fully showcased and hope Foley brings back Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal.

The Knockouts match was good but the attack at the end was random. This thing between Angelina and Winter is weird. Now Angelina Love has a Knockouts title match against Mickie James at Slammiversary. I thought Velvet was going to 'save' Angelina.

I liked the X Division match. It was a good showing for Kendrick and there's no doubt that he'll be the one to beat Abyss for the title. It was a good match between two really mismatched guys. The bad part of the match was Jackson James standing right in between Kendrick and Abyss which allowed Abyss to win.

The Finger poke of doom was funny. I thought EY was really going to lay down for Gunner but stole one! We're going to see more of Gunner/EY.

Angle vs. RVD was match of the night. It was great. It was a fairly short match and I hope these two wrestle for the world title on pay-per-view. They can have an instant classic.

Matches announced for Slammiversary so far:

World title match: Mr. Anderson vs. Sting

 No. 1 Contenders Match: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

Knockouts title match: Angelina Love vs. Mickie James

Crimson vs. Samoa Joe

Matt Morgan vs. Scott Steiner


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