Batting 1.000: 2011 Fantasy Baseball Weekly Wheelhouse Rankings, (OF: 1-25)

Maxwell SalvatiContributor IIMay 27, 2011

Scorching Jay Bruce cracks the top-5 this week with 9 HR so far in the month of May, but can he keep it up?
Scorching Jay Bruce cracks the top-5 this week with 9 HR so far in the month of May, but can he keep it up?Bob Levey/Getty Images

Hitters are ranked for their expected performance from this point forward in standard 5x5 leagues, not for statistics that have already been accrued. These rankings can also be used as a comparable way to determine trade value for redraft leagues.

Lots of jambalaya-style jumbling this week in the big shake up—magic eight ball style. If that did not make sense to you (which it shouldn't have), please try to look beyond your confusion and continue reading. If that did make sense to you (which it really shouldn't have), well, I guess I just ask you to please do the same then. I dunno. Enjoy.

Top 25 Outfielders:

*primary position listed

1 (1). Jose Bautista, TOR, RF

  • Still unsure of Bautista? Me too. I mean, like, seriously, he's only on pace to hit .343/126/61/103/16 with 136 BB. Sheesh. What a slouch.

2 (2). Ryan Braun, MIL, LF

  • Three-year AVG: .302/102/31/108/16. Current pace: .306/118/40/124/33. He's slowed down a bit at the plate, but as if to say he's sorry for maybe only hitting 40 or 45 home runs for you instead of 50, he's begun to run more. What a swell guy. Go Hebrew Hammer!

3 (3). Matt Kemp, LAD, CF

  • As I said last week, his high BABIP has begun to regress, which has dropped his AVG quite a bit. That being said, he's now on pace for a ridiculous 38 HR and 41 SB. 40/40 is well within reach.

4 (11). Jay Bruce, CIN, RF

  • Didn't see that one coming, did ya? Actually, maybe you did. I mean, he has hit, what—nine home runs this month? From the six-hole. If he moves into the two, four  or five-hole like before, beyond statblock Scott Rolen, expect a slight uptick in counting stats. That being said, even if he doesn't move up, he's currently on pace to hit .288/108/44/120/14. I think he finishes the season around .280/100/40/100/15. To any of you naysayers I say this: on what effin' planet is that not top five OF production? Trending Upward.

5 (6). Carl Crawford, BOS, LF

  • Remember when I said last week that I still believe? Well guess who's back? Back again? Crawdads back. Tell... McCutchen. He will be moved back to the two or three-hole in that dirty Boston lineup very, very soon. Trending Upward.

6 (7). Jacoby Ellsbury, BOS, CF

  • Increase in power? Check. 50-plus SB threat? Check. Run-producing supporting lineup? Check. He's not a .300-plus hitter in my opinion, but even if he hits .285-.295 he should have a line similar to .290/110/12/75/50 by season's end. Last week I said he might be a 15-HR hitter. This week I say that's a lie. Expect 10-12, appreciate 15. Seriously though, that lineup is so good that even he is driving in runs! Trending Upward.

7 (5). Andrew McCutchen, PIT, CF

  • I love him and still believe that he's a true 30/30 threat, but he just doesn't have enough of a supporting cast to drive in 100 RBI or score as many runs. By season's end, a realistic line for McCutchen should be .280/85/25/85/35, aka Matt Kemp Jr.

8 (9). Carlos Gonzalez, COL, LF

  • 3 home runs in the last week. He's finally turning it on. Trending Upward.

9 (12). Justin Upton, ARI, RF

  • Last week I said it looks like we might finally see the 30/20 season from Upton we've always been promised. He hasn't hit a HR in the last week, but he has stolen four bases. Maybe 30/30 is more realistic, as he's on pace for 29/29.

10 (16). Josh Hamilton, TEX, LF

  • Easily has the potential to be top five, but his affinity for injury has him rounding out the top 10, for now. Trending Upward. 

11 (13). Curtis Granderson, NYY, CF

  • Not fully a believer, but I am buying him as a 40 HR hitter this year—mostly because of Yankee stadium. Trending Upward.

12 (10). Drew Stubbs, CIN, CF

  • No home runs or stolen bases in the last week, but he's still getting on base, so I think he finishes around .265/110/23/70/40.

13. (4). Matt Holliday STL, LF

  • Not really hitting for power at all, and now he has an injury to his quadriceps. He won't hit 25 HR this year, and I'm starting to think he wont even make it to 20. That being said, he's still kinda like the Roddy White of outfielders. Trending Downward.

14 (8). Shin-Soo Choo, CLE, RF

  • He'll come around aaannnnnnnyyyy day now. Just. You. Wait. Trending Downward.

15 (21). Nelson Cruz, TEX, RF

  • Like Hamilton, he could easily crack the top 10, but he's still a huge injury risk, so he stays here for now. Trending Upward.

16 (32). Mike Stanton, FLA, RF

  • Four home runs in the last week. He's on pace for 37 now and is hitting .275. I don't think his AVG is sustainable, but he could easily hit 40-plus home runs. Since he isn't running at all, this may be his ceiling. At least until he becomes a legitimate 50-HR threat. Which could be as soon as this season...Trending Upward.

17 (14). Ben Zobrist, TB, 2B

18 (15). Hunter Pence, HOU, RF

  • Finally knocking in more runs, but both power and speed have declined in the process. That being said, I'm not real worried. I expect him to hit around 25 HR and steal around 15 bases, like he usually does.

19 (17). Logan Morrison, FLA, LF

  • What do you call a .300 hitter with 15-30 HR (not sure where his power stroke falls yet with the small sample size) and a .400 OBP? LoMoMarlins.

20 (19). Lance Berkman, STL, RF 

  • Due for a regression and an injury concern, but still solid for now.

21 (18). Chris Young, ARI, CF

  • Power is right where it should be, and he's running a bit more in the last week. However, he's not getting on base nearly enough and is striking out more. Trending Downward.

22 (25). B.J. Upton, TB, CF

23 (22). Ichiro Suzuki, SEA, RF

  • An ever-improving Justin Smoak and the arrival of Dustin Ackley any day now should keep him afloat in the top 25.

24 (26). Jayson Werth, WAS, RF

  • Don't like the lineup around him one bit. Nope, not even a little. But the return of Zimmerman will help. 

25 (38). Carlos Quentin, CWS, RF

  • Pretty much will only help in HR and RBI. That being said, he did hit four home runs in the last week and could easily finish with 35 bombs and 100 RBI. Mike Stanton Jr. -- or would it be senior? -- so to speak. Trending Upward.


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