Fantasy Baseball: Friday News and Notes

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Fantasy Baseball: Friday News and Notes
Friday Notes

Another good matchup for Jason Bay given his numbers against Roy Oswalt. Bay is 11-for-31 against Oswalt and Carlos Beltran is a .375 hitter in 24 at-bats. Scott Hairston has the same number of at-bats as Beltran, but is just hitting .125 against him.

Chris Young and Stephen Drew are your best bets against Brett Myers. Drew is 4-for-9 while Young is 3-for-10. Otherwise, nothing good to report on this one. Kelly Johnson has really struggled, hitting .154 in 26 at-bats. Xavier Nady is 3-for-14 for his efforts.

Look for Corey Patterson to be in the lineup for Toronto against Mark Buehrle. Patterson is a .350 hitter in 20 at-bats against him. Jose Molina is at .333 in 18 while Rajai Davis is at .273 in 11. Those are the best numbers you will find. Struggles come from Aaron Hill and his 3-for-18. Jose Bautista is 4-for-16.

Rough numbers for the Angels against Scott Baker. Howie Kendrick is 1-for-11 while Bobby Abreu is 1-for-10. Torii Hunter has no hits in seven at-bats against his former teammate. Alberto Callaspo is a .273 hitter in 18 at-bats while Erick Aybar is 4-for-9. Baker has given up 12 earned runs in his last 15.1 innings pitched over three starts.

Jhonny Peralta has been red-hot, but is hitting only .190 against Tim Wakefield in 21 at-bats. Otherwise, all good things to report for your Tigers. Victor Martinez and Ramon Santiago are both hitting better than .400 against him. Miguel Cabrera is just at .250, but fewer at-bats to base the judgement on. Wakefield was solid last time out and is 3-0 in his last four starts with a 2.43 ERA against the Tigers.

Doug Davis has some history against the Pirates thanks to his days with the Brewers. Matt Diaz will likely be on the bench given his 1-for-10 mark against him. Nothing really good to report. Ryan Doumit has had his struggles, hitting .143 in 14 at-bats. Garrett Jones is also only 1-for-9. Davis is 2-1 in his last four starts against the Pirates with a 4.18 ERA.

Tonight would not be a good night to get cute and add Jack Cust to your lineup. He is only 2-for-19 against A.J. Burnett. Ichiro, though, is a .444 hitter in 18 at-bats while Chone Figgins steps in at .400 in 15 at-bats. Might be a sneaky play to use Franklin Gutierrez. Though he has limited at-bats against Burnett, he is 4-for-8 in those trips.

Yadier Molina and Matt Holliday are both at .300 in 10 at-bats against Ubaldo Jimenez and Lance Berkman adds a .308 mark in 13 times up. Albert Pujols though has struggled to a 2-for-12 mark. Ryan Theriot and Colby Rasmus are both decent plays, hitting around .280 against the Colorado starter. The Cardinals have a combined 102 at-bats against Jimenez and a total of zero home runs against him.

Surprisingly limited numbers for the Dodgers against Javier Vazquez considering how long Vazquez has been in the National League in various stints. Probably see Dioner Navarro behind the plate as he hits .267 against Vazquez while Rod Barajas is just 2-for-19. Rafael Furcal would look to still be a good play as well at .286 in better than 40 at-bats. Start your other Dodgers as normal. Vazquez scares no one at this point.

Spot Starts: Wakefield, Correia, Westbrook

Weekend Notes

Are Jeff Baker and Reed Johnson really mentioned in a fantasy article? Indeed. Baker is 7-for-14 against Pittsburgh starter Paul Maholm while Johnson is 7-for-11. Starlin Castro is 5-for-11 himself and no concerns with Aramis Ramirez. Alfonso Soriano does have four home runs in 31 at-bats against Maholm, but only a .258 average. Maholm is 2-2 in his last five starts at Wrigley field, posting a 7.57 ERA for his efforts.

Only Carlos Lee stands out as a major concern against Zach Duke and Arizona. Lee is a .241 hitter with no home runs in 29 at-bats. Look to use Clint Barnes in this one. Barnes is 7-for-13 lifetime against Duke. Bill Hall could be a nice play given his .355 average and three home runs in 31 at-bats. Duke is 3-2 in his last five starts against the Astros with a 2.51 ERA.

Likely you will see Scott Hairston in the lineup for the Mets against Cole Hamels. Hairston is a .353 hitter in 17 at-bats with three home runs to boot. Jose Reyes checks in at .294 while Carlos Beltran is at .303. In Beltran's 33 at-bats, he adds three home runs as well. Worth noting that Hamels is just 1-7 in his last nine starts with a 4.33 ERA against the Mets. Leave him be.

Brandon Phillips is only 1-for-11 against Derek Lowe, and most of his teammates have not fared much better. Look to avoid Edgar Renteria and Ramon Hernandez in this one as well. Scott Rolen is a .300 hitter, so he should be good to go here.

Check out Bud Norris' home numbers. In 40 innings pitched, he has a 1.10 WHIP and 2.25 ERA to go with 43 strikeouts. Basically, the numbers are very solid when he pitches in his own ballpark. He has struggled lately, but two of those rough starts came on the road while the bulk of his trouble against the Mets at home came when he worked into the eighth inning (gave up three in the eighth as opposed to just one in the first seven).

Andrew McCutchen, Ronny Cedeno, and Chris Snyder are your only Pirates hitting better than .300 against Ryan Dempster. Looks like we should see Snyder behind the plate given Doumit is only 4-for-22 against the Chicago starter. Garrett Jones has struggled as well, going just 2-for-15. Dempster is 3-4 in his last nine starts against the Pirates with a 5.24 ERA.

John Danks has had his problems on the road this season. Forget that his team has given him virtually no run support and just look at the numbers. He is 0-5 on the road with a 4.78 ERA away from home while batters are hitting .311 against him. Look to avoid him in this one simply given those numbers. Not a good matchup against Ricky Romero either.

Dan Haren has done a solid job holding the bulk of the Minnesota lineup at bay. Delmon Young is only 3-for-15 while Justin Morneau checks in at 4-for-17. Michael Cuddyer is only 4-for-21. Jason Kubel is 3-for-9 with a home run while Jim Thome is 6-for-13 with 2 home runs.

Spot Starts: Maholm, Duke, Villanueva, Collmenter, Britton, Gorzellany

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