James Harrison Thinks the NFL Is Against Him and the Pittsburgh Steelers

Mad ChadAnalyst IMay 27, 2011

PITTSBURGH - OCTOBER 03:  James Harrison #92 of the Pittsburgh Steelers wears a pink chin strap for breast cancer awareness prior to playing the Baltimore Ravens on October 3, 2010 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Wow, the Pittsburgh Steelers' offseason nightmare continues to be a unstoppable force. First the Steelers had their running back tweet some of the most outrageous tweets I've ever read. Then Hines Ward was held at gunpoint during his very much criticized stint on "Dancing With The Stars." Now, Steelers linebacker James Harrison has decided to add to the very unquiet offseason.

Since when did Ben Roethlisberger become the golden boy for the Steelers?

On Wednesday, Harrison tweeted that the people who make the rules in the NFL are “idiots.” Harrison then went on to say, in a blog post, that the league is targeting the Steelers with these new tougher rules. Not this again. What is it with Pittsburgh and conspiracy theories? First Mendenhall wants to investigate the truth about 9/11, now Harrison thinks the NFL is against the Steelers.

Let’s actually give this theory some thought for entertainment purposes. If they NFL had a hidden agenda against an NFL team, why in the hell would they choose arguably the most historic, popular and successful franchises of all time? How could the Steelers compete for a Super Bowl every year if the league were truly against them?

That’s truly idiotic to think that. I understand that when a game is being played your emotions may get the best of you and the fans, but the NFL is not against the Steelers. Furthermore, by calling the rule makers “idiots,” Harrison actually called his boss—Art Rooney II—an “idiot” because Rooney was involved in the unanimous vote that changed the rules.

Harrison went on to add that he has “absolutely no respect for” Roger Goodell, Ray Anderson and Merton Hanks on his blog. Hey James, maybe this is why you’re being targeted by the league and the officials. Keep your damn mouth shut.

Harrison’s teammate LaMarr Woodley went on to tweet, "lol im sorry that im not sorry we hit 2 hard.” Now you’re accusing the NFL for punishing you because you hit too hard? Maybe you guys are the idiots. Just saying. I don’t think Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers thought you guys hit too hard in Super Bowl XLV. Tell Tom Brady and the New England Patriots that you guys hit too hard.

I am a huge fan of both Harrison and Woodley, but only as football players. Off the field they sound like two whiny jackasses. All Harrison does is contradict himself when he speaks."I guess the NFL needed a poster child for their campaign," Harrison said on his blog. "I know there are hits out there that go either way, but if it's me I already know which way they are going to go."

Harrison might be one of the most complete defensive players in the league but he’s doing himself and his team a big disservice by speaking out about this.

Perhaps the only thing that I agree with Harrison with is this: If the NFL wants to implement new rules that fines teams whose players execute an excessive amount of illegal hits then fine. However, I expect these rules to be called fairly and called across the entire NFL. Not just teams like the Steelers and Baltimore Ravens. Not just teams that are known to “hit hard.”

All of this tension is still stemming from the lockout. Players are getting restless and so is the media and the fans. The sooner the lockout ends the better, especially for the Steelers. After the Mendenhall situation and this, I fully expect a ban on social networking sites for Steeler employees.


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