UFC Legend Tito Ortiz's Baby Mama Jenna Jameson Outraged Over Pregnancy Pics

Tim ListAnalyst IOctober 21, 2008

UFC Legend Tito Ortiz's baby mama Jenna Jameson, who is expecting twins, has pulled down several pics of her ever-growing baby bump that she has posting on her MySpace page after several Hollywood blogs viciously attacked the world's most famous retired porn star and made fun of the unborn twins.

"The blogs really upset Jenna," a close family friend exclusively stated in an interview earlier today (http://ecwlives4ever.org/), "Jenna has no problem accepting comments about herself most of the time, but even a very thick skinned person would have problems accepting the angry nasty comments left about the babies on these Hollywood blogs."

The friend of Jenna and Tito's continued, "there's just no need for such hatred, especially now, in the most wonderful time in her life. She and Tito couldn't be happier. She's a multi multi multi multi multi millionaire, she doesn't have to do porn scenes anymore, and they're both so happy about the twins!"

Jenna pulled down the pics without any warning nor any statement. She was clearly furious over the comments, and the close friend speculates she'll pick a time and place to have her say. "Jenna doesn't let things go," the friend stated, "and don't think Tito is happy about this situation, either."

Sounds like 5 Hollywood Bloggers in the 1st-ever MMA handicap match vs Tito Ortiz is ready for the Octagon!

Dana White, this is something only you can pull off!