WWE Music: 7 Songs the WWE Should Use

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIIMay 27, 2011

WWE Music: 7 Songs the WWE Should Use

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    Music is absolutely important to a WWE Superstar/Diva, as the music they choose helps define their character. When they walk out from the Gorilla Position and make their way to the ring, their entrance music must give a certain effect, such as pumping up the crowd with Triple H's "The Game" by Motorhead or giving a creepy vibe like The Undertaker's "Rest in Peace" by Jim Johnston.

    The song a wrestler uses could either make or break him. Everyone remembers Austin's "I Won't Do What You Tell Me" by Jim Johnston as the breaking glass means we all know we are in for a wild time. But no one remembers "The Real Deal" by Jim Johnston that D'Lo Brown used.

    No matter what genre they use, they should avoid songs that sound like every other song in their respective genre. Also, avoiding songs that are bland and boring is just common sense. 

    So I took it upon myself to pick seven songs that would perfectly fit a current wrestler on the roster and explain my reasoning for selecting that song. You might disagree with me, as I listen to everything and consider Trace Adkins, Lady Gaga and Eminem as my favorite music artists.

    I'll attempt to be reasonable with my choices.

"Not Afraid" by Eminem

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    "Not Afraid" is a perfect song for The Miz to use.

    It's a match made in heaven, as once you listen to the lyrics and review The Miz's journey into the WWE, you might agree. It's pretty sweet and the words are easily heard which can be hard in some raps if you aren't able to separate the beat from the lyrics.  

    The Miz spent some time on the indie scene in between reality-show gigs before being pursued by the WWE. All the wrestlers hated him because they thought he was a waste of ink for a contract. He endured hazing by some of the vets faced many doubts.

    Many kept saying he'd be released in the first two months and when his break-up with Morrison occurred people, thought The Miz would vanish.

    The Miz proved all the doubters, haters and disbelievers wrong. He was not afraid to take a stand
    He walked this road together with the few who believed in him. He survived the storm to become a WWE champion.

    This song/rap is perfect for The Awesome One!

"At Seventeen" by Janis Ian

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    Cody Rhodes is as fabulous a heel as ever since Mysterio "disfigured" his face—his face is perfectly fine, as I see nothing wrong, you see nothing wrong and Gerry the blind homeless man from New York sees nothing wrong with his face.

    Rhodes psychologically broke down to the point where he wears a plastic mask and hands out paper bags to SmackDown fans in attendance.

    Rhodes' current entrance theme is one I'm not into at all. On the other hand, "At Seventeen" goes with his gimmick perfectly, as the lyrics ring true to his mindset if you think in the way he does. It's not the typical rock/metal theme most have in the WWE, as it's slow-sounding and soft-pitched.

    Imagine this song playing with the spotlight on Rhodes while slowly walking to the ring looking towards the floor below him to, of course, hide his face. It would be unique as rarely do wrestlers have soft or quiet-sounding songs.

    In my mind, this song is perfect for Rhodes.

"Rockin' the Beer Gut" by Trailer Choir

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    Oh how I wish Mickie James was still employed, as this would have been the perfect song for her. She could have debuted the song during her feud with LayCool. The only other Diva I can think of that could use this song would be Kelly Kelly or Layla.

    This is a fun country song that I can't help but love. This would have to be used by a Diva who's a face and can be all bubbly, which is why I initially thought of James, but Kelly and Layla can be bubbly as well. It has a good message in the song and does not have the stereotypical twang of most of the country selected by the WWE.

    I can see this being used for one of the Divas but unless executed right, it'll flop.

"The Devil's Own" by Five Finger Death Punch

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    "Slap on the wrist, smack in the face
    The family tree, gave me a name and nothing more
    Neglected seed, why!?"

    Once I heard this song, I insistently thought of Ted DiBiase.

    He came into the WWE as the son of the million-dollar man. His gimmick after the Legacy stable has been nothing more then a poor-man's version of his dad. Fans have criticized DiBiase on the facts that he was bland, lacked charisma and always got lost in the shuffle as a jobber.

    DiBiase could become a very pissed-off man who rejects his roots as they have gotten him nowhere—and this song would help people see him in that way.

"Straight Edge" by Minor Threat

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    Do I really need to tell you for which wrestler this song would be a match made in heaven?

    This should the song that Punk comes out to and it can be played on a loop to compensate the shortness of the song. The lyrics basically tell the beliefs that he held as a face and now as a heel.

    This is Punk's "Straight Edge" lifestyle in the form of lyrics. Sadly, this is the PG era, as the WWE probably would not use it. If only Punk was wrestling at the time of the glorious Attitude Era then maybe they would use this song! 

"Meet the Monster" by Five Finger Death Punch

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    Another song by Five Finger Death Punch—which you might have guessed is one of my favorite bands.

    Zach Ryder should use this song, as the WWE is creating a monster. He's not getting any title shots, any airtime on RAW—except fist-pumping with John Cena—and loses more matches than I lose hair on my receding hairline.

    Ryder snaps and starts going crazy on people and goes on a winning streak, which leads to him winning a secondary title. It's a perfect song to propel him to the upper mid-card at least. His current theme is awesome and one that I sing to myself while I shower, but this song would cement the mindset that Zach could be a serious threat if booked right.

"Stand" by Rascal Flatts

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    "Cause when push comes to shove
    You taste what you're made of
    You might bend, till you break
    Cause its all you can take
    On your knees you look up
    Decide you've had enough
    You get mad you get strong
    Wipe your hands shake it off
    Then you stand"

    Now who do we know that never gives up or backs down from a challenge? John Cena—that's who!

    Cena was humiliated by the Nexus when he was forced to become a member, choke-slammed into a spotlight by the Big Show and won matches against impossible odds. 

    The lyrics match his gimmick while it's not as hyper as his current theme, but he needs to change to a new song as he's used the same one since 2005. The time for a new song is now and this would be a perfect fit although, being a country song, it is sorta out of place since Cena is more associated with rap songs.

Final Words

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    Those are the songs I would give to those specific wrestlers if I had any control. Now I'm interested in hearing what you think of my choice of songs or what songs you would choose for any wrestler. There is no wrong answer...well, just leave out songs that are sung on Barney.

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    So until next time...take care and please spike your hair!