NBA Free Agency 2011: 5 Reasons Why J.R. Smith Is Perfect for the Chicago Bulls

Kristian WinfieldCorrespondent IIIMay 27, 2011

NBA Free Agency 2011: 5 Reasons Why J.R. Smith Is Perfect for the Chicago Bulls

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    After a final, fallout season with the Denver Nuggets, J.R. Smith has his head in the Real Estate column looking for a new place to stay.

    He's had his ups and down with them, but the times has come for him to pack his things and move on.

    There are many possibilities for him, but could playing alongside Derrick Rose and under Tom Thibodeau's defense-first system be the most beneficial for Smith's career?

The Bulls Need Another Scorer

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    If J.R. Smith can do anything, it's scoring. Sure he takes a couple outrageous shots every now and again, but he makes a couple of them here and there.

    In the Eastern Conference Finals against Miami, the lack of a second scorer to help out Derrick Rose proved to be the deciding factor, as that load he carried on his back finally toppled over.

    Had the Bulls had a second scorer to go to, like a J.R. Smith, the series would definitely still be alive.

Tom Thibodeau Will Mentor J.R. Smith and Teach Him How to Play Defense

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    The fact that J.R. Smith still has yet to mature is incredible. He still takes some completely atrocious shots and he hurt Denver several times through his shot selection. Playing under Tom Thibodeau, Smith will learn to take better shots, effectively making him a better basketball player. 

    Thibodeau will also mentor him on the defensive end of the ball; the part that was never a focal point of his game. He's always been an electric scorer off the bench, but was a liability on defense at the same time. 

    Chicago is a completely defense-minded team. If they take the chance on J.R. Smith and work him with nothing but defensive drills, he would fit right in.

    Smith's got the athletic ability to keep up with his opponents and catch a few track down blocks; he just needs to develop his footwork on defense and learn how to play the different zones.

Chicago Will Become a More Exciting Team

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    Aside from Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls have no electric dunkers (unless you consider Taj Gibson one). Adding J.R. Smith would give the fans something else to cheer about.

    Windmills, 360's, baseline reverses and endless facials would be added to the Bulls, making their fans go crazy every game.

    Powerful dunks like that tend to energize a team, anyway, and with J.R. getting hot faster than anyone in the game, he would make for a new pace in Chicago.

    Could you imagine a two-on-one fast break with Rose and Smith? That's like playing Russian Roulette with a full barrel.    

It Would Add Another Closer to the Bulls

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    We all saw it in Game 5 where the Heat went on a 17-3 run in the final 2:40 seconds of the game to upset, the Bulls in Chicago.

    LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were able to lock up Derrick Rose, and on the final play of the game, they smothered him and forced a terrible shot with time winding down.

    With J.R. Smith on the floor, Chicago has another shooter-scorer on the court for the opposition to cover.

    Smith's hit big shots in Denver before and is the type of player who thrives when the spotlight is on him. It could only be beneficial for both parties. 

The Bulls Will Return to the Eastern Conference Finals

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    J.R. Smith to the Chicago Bulls could only be an upgrade at the two-guard.

    Keith Bogans plays excellent defense and Kyle Korver is a knock down shooter, but J.R. Smith is a pure scorer.

    An extra 15-18 points per game would definitely help Chicago's chances of a finals appearance next year.

    If the Bulls take the risk and sign J.R. Smith this offseason, they would be the team to beat in the NBA.