Indianapolis Colts: When Did They Stop Calling Pass-Interference???

Aaron GlennContributor IOctober 21, 2008

So I was watching my colts play the pack on Sunday evening.  What I saw in that game was not only a lot of bad football on the colts part, but also that the Colts had 11 penalties for over 100 yards.

I had to stop at the end of the game and think about what had just happened and I became very outraged the more and more I thought about it. 
So…..i decided to write about it.

The Packers secondary was very much depleted, and to make up for that they had to be overly aggressive against the colts’ wide-outs.  I understand that.  What I don’t understand, is how the referees could let all of those rough, shirt-pulling, waist-grabbing, face-masking, hand-grabbing(I could go on and on) kind of defensive penalties go unflagged!

Last I checked, when the ball is in the air, heading towards a targeted receiver, and “said” receiver is touched other than at the time of arrival of the ball, then that warrants a penalty flag for pass-interference.  Now, I also saw that Ed Hochuli was not the head referee in this game… what happened?!?!

If half of those penalties would have been called, I believe were looking at a completely different ballgame folks!  Oh what is the world coming to these days?  We need to get the referee’s clean swept out of the nfl and let em go to hockey, and bring in some real officiating.

Needless to say, I am beside myself….as if it wasn’t obvious how the referees went to the Packer’s sidelines and were all smiles with the coach.  I would not be surprised to see Green Bay in the Super Bowl if that’s what the measure of one of their “Home Field Advantage” type officials are. 

I’m disgusted.  I’m done writing for today!