Pac-Man & Goodell- A Rocky Relationship

Nick ParkerContributor IOctober 21, 2008

Am I the only one completely sick of the Adam Jones saga? This time for a reason you may be surprised by.

I think Roger Goodell was completely wrong for his latest suspension of Jones. Why, you may ask? If a person in the workplace got in a little drunken scuffle with their buddy, no one would care. I realize that NFL players have to be held to a different standard than your ordinary people due to their visibility, but Jones is being held to a different standard within his own league. This was a minor little drunken wrestling match between him and his bodyguard. No police report was filed, and it was an indiscretion that never would have even been reported if it were not for the Pac-Man name. The name Pac-Man brings media interest, though, so this minor incident turned into an all-day media circus for ESPN.

I feel Goodell truly didn't want to suspend Pac-Man for this incident as he brings ratings and money for the league, but the media forced his hand with their constant coverage of this incident. Goodell had taken such a hard stand against Pac-Man with the year-long suspension and difficult program for reinstatement that he had to do something. It's just unfortunate that one of the league's premier defensive playmakers is suspended up in an alcohol treatment facility when half of the players on your field Sunday will likely still be drunk.

Goodell should reinstate Pac-Man quick because the game needs him, and he needs the game.