Fantasy Patience: Troy Tulowitzki, Hanley Ramirez, John Danks, Etc., Etc...

Keith ChristyContributor IMay 26, 2011

Captain of the S.S. Letdown
Captain of the S.S. LetdownHarry How/Getty Images

Quick question: Do they do this on purpose?  You know—the delayed starts, the blips of potential and then back to snoozing again, the ability to show their magic in one game and mediocrity the next.  I often ask myself if they have any idea how much they are letting me down.

If only they lived up to their potential and their expectations.  Who knows how destructive my team would be…should be…ought to be?  But then I look at the numbers and for the love of God…Jeff Francoeur is making Carl Crawford look like Pat Burrell in the playoffs.

Is Kyle Lohse channeling Cy Young?  Just wondering how he’s outperforming Tim Lincecum, Clayton Kershaw, Cliff Lee and nearly every other starter not named Halladay or Shields. 

Oh, him too—Shields that is.  He has a high ceiling but what he’s doing this year is a fantastic impression of a poor man’s Roy Halladay.

I’m trying to write this article without mentioning Matt Thornton.  But I’m willing to bet by the
All-Star break nearly everyone west of the Mason-Dixon Line replaces “epic fail” with “Thornton." 

The rogue skater missed the jump and parts his legs on the rail: "Dude, you totally just pulled a Thornton."  Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently likes to think with his Thornton and—this just in, the people of Walmart will now be referred to as the “Children of Thornton." 

Is it that obvious I drafted him?

I digress.

The real question is: How do we maintain patience when our superstars are letting us down?  The short answer is: We have too. 

This is my take on it and I’d love to hear yours but the way I see it is I’d rather go down swinging (or in Choo’s case, swinging and missing) with proven reputations than trying to catch the fly-by-night Francoeurs and Michael Morses of the world (speaking of, I think he just hit another home run), sit my proven players and hate myself by year's end. 

I drafted them because I admired them and if they have a bad year, at least I know I went after the trophy with my squad and not a mosh pit.

As my hot air cools, how are you, fellow reader, short of patience dealing with these aberrations?