Fantasy Baesball: Thursday News and Notes

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Fantasy Baesball: Thursday News and Notes
Thursday Notes

Look to avoid Kurt Suzuki and Kevin Kouzmanoff specifically against Joel Pineiro. Suzuki is 1-for-13 while Kouzmanoff is 3-for-21. Some rough numbers come form Daric Barton who is 1-for-14. Otherwise, good offense can come out of the matchup for Oakland. Ellis, Crisp, and DeJesus all are hitting far better than .300 against him. Hideki Matsui even measures up at .294. Rough matchup for Pineiro today with this going against him.

Torii Hunter is at .455 against Brett Anderson in 11 at-bats. Bobby Abreu has hit .286 in 14 at-bats and his numbers are the second best on the team. Look to avoid Erick Aybar and his 0-for-10 mark as well as the struggles of Howie Kendrick and his .214 average in 14 at-bats.

Jason Bay has five home runs and 16 RBI to go with a .341 average in 41 at-bats against Carlos Zambrano. Needs to be started today! Carlos Beltran and others should be down. Beltran is 3-for-18 while Jose Reyes is at .238 in 21 at-bats. If you were starting Ronny Paulino, he is 1-for-19 and Willie Harris is 4-for-24. Zambrano is 2-2 with a 3.71 ERA in his last six starts against the Mets.

Decent numbers for some of your Reds even against Cliff Lee. Scott Rolen is 8-for-17 and leads the charge. Brandon Phillips adds a .333 average in 15 at-bats. Even Miguel Cairo is at .417 in 12 at-bats. Look to avoid Edgar Renteria and Jonny Gomes. Gomes specifically is just 2-for-25 against Lee. Doubtful he will be in the lineup.

Quick hit here, but look to start Melky Cabrera against Jeremy Guthrie. Cabrera is 10-for-23 (.435) against Guthrie.

Anibal Sanchez has been filthy in his last three starts, giving up a total of three earned runs over 22 innings pitched. He has a 2.05 ERA for May and a 0.99 WHIP to boot. Look for Aaron Rowand in the lineup today though. He is 6-for-10 against Sanchez lifetime.

Spot Starts: Vogelsong, Moretensen

Friday Notes

Another good matchup for Jason Bay given his numbers against Roy Oswalt. Bay is 11-for-31 against Oswalt and Carlos Beltran is a .375 hitter in 24 at-bats. Scott Hairston has the same number of at-bats as Beltran, but is just hitting .125 against him.

Chris Young and Stephen Drew are your best bets against Brett Myers. Drew is 4-for-9 while Young is 3-for-10. Otherwise, nothing good to report on this one. Kelly Johnson has really struggled, hitting .154 in 26 at-bats. Xavier Nady is 3-for-14 for his efforts.

Look for Corey Patterson to be in the lineup for Toronto against Mark Buehrle. Patterson is a .350 hitter in 20 at-bats against him. Jose Molina is at .333 in 18 while Rajai Davis is at .273 in 11. Those are the best numbers you will find. Struggles come from Aaron Hill and his 3-for-18. Jose Bautista is 4-for-16.

Rough numbers for the Angels against Scott Baker. Howie Kendrick is 1-for-11 while Bobby Abreu is 1-for-10. Torii Hunter has no hits in seven at-bats against his former teammate. Alberto Callaspo is a .273 hitter in 18 at-bats while Erick Aybar is 4-for-9. Baker has given up 12 earned runs in his last 15.1 innings pitched over three starts.

Jhonny Peralta has been red-hot, but is hitting only .190 against Tim Wakefield in 21 at-bats. Otherwise, all good things to report for your Tigers. Victor Martinez and Ramon Santiago are both hitting better than .400 against him. Miguel Cabrera is just at .250, but fewer at-bats to base the judgement on. Wakefield was solid last time out and is 3-0 in his last four starts with a 2.43 ERA against the Tigers.

Spot Starts: Wakefield, Correia, Westbrook

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