WWE: My Friday Night SmackDown 5/27

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIMay 26, 2011

WWE: My Friday Night SmackDown 5/27

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    For anyone that did not read my Raw slideshow, let me explain what this slideshow is.

    I will present you, the readers, with my plans for SmackDown as if I were in charge. I will write everything that you would see on the show: promos, matches, etc. I will post the winners of each match and you can post your winners in the comment section.

    I will continue some of the WWE feuds and create some of my own.

    Before I begin, we have two divas that will be inactive for some time. Kharma is out for upwards of nine months due to pregnancy. Also, Layla is out for an unknown amount of time with a torn MCL and ACL. Neither of these two will be featured in any of my shows until they return to the WWE ring.

    So let's get the show started!

    *I have not read any spoilers for this Friday's show. Any of my matches being the same as those in real life is purely coincidental.

Opening Segment

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    We open the show welcomed by Booker T and Josh Matthews on commentary. Randy Orton makes his way to the ring, fresh off of a win at Over The Limit, successfully defending his World Heavyweight Championship. He tells the fans that he has respect for Christian and all that he has done for the business. Christian then comes out and enters the ring.

    He congratulates Orton on the victory and all that he has done for the business as well. But he says that he came here for one reason only, another championship match. Orton seems to have no problem with it and is ready to agree when Cody Rhodes' music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

    Rhodes cuts his usual promo about everyone needing to wear bags on there heads and eventually challenges Orton to a match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Christian and Rhodes begin to argue until Teddy Long comes out and settles the problem.

    Long says that tonight Randy Orton will not compete. But he says both Christian and Rhodes will compete....against each other in a No. 1 Contenders match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Holla, Holla, playas!

    We go to commercial.

Match 1: Chavo Guerrero and Sin Cara

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    Chavo Guerrero makes his way down and grabs a mic. He says that Sin Cara got lucky at Over The Limit. He also says that a real wrestler can win in any match, including Tag Team matches. Chavo tells Sin Cara to make his way down to the ring with a partner of his choosing to take on Chavo and his partner...Mark Henry, who makes his way down to join Chavo.

    Sin Cara comes out with his partner, Daniel Bryan, and they enter the ring. The match is underway with Mark Henry and Sin Cara starting things off. Henry dominates things early with his typical power-move set. Chavo talks trash throughout the matchup. Sin Car eventually gets some good offensive moves in before tagging in Daniel Bryan. Bryan attacks Henry and keeps him grounded, but Mark hits a big clothesline and tags in Chavo.

    Chavo comes in and pins Bryan but only gets a two-count. Chavo begins to do some nice technical moves and Bryan has some counters to go along with them. The two stay in the ring together and Bryan hits a nice dropkick, knocking Chavo to the outside as we go to commercial.

    When we come back, Bryan has Chavo in a Boston Crab submission hold. Chavo fights out of it, but gets caught by a Roundhouse kick from Bryan. Bryan tags in Sin Cara and the high flyer goes to work on Chavo. Guerrero cannot seem to catch Sin Cara, as he is flying around everywhere. Chavo gets rolled up for a close two-count.

    Chavo is going for the tag but Sin Cara cuts him off. Sin Cara is then ready to hit his finishing move, but Mark Henry tries to interfere. Daniel Bryan comes to the rescue and knocks Henry out of the ring. Sin Cara then hits his finisher on Chavo and gets the three-count.

    Sin Cara and Bryan celebrate, while Guerrero and Henry walk off stunned and beaten.

Match 2: Ezekiel Jackson and Justin Gabriel

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    The Corre makes their way out and Wade Barrett seems as cocky as ever. It is announced that Justin Gabriel will be the one competing in this match. His opponent is none other than big Ezekiel Jackson. He enters the ring and the match begins.

    Jackson jumps out to an early lead, easily dominating the smaller opponent. He hits a barrage of power moves and lets out his primal scream. Barrett is obviously concerned, as he pulls Gabriel out of the ring to give him a talk. Gabriel gets back in the ring and hits a few kicks on Jackson before being closelined by the big man.

    Jackson then turns his attention to Barrett. The two stare each other down, but this gives Gabriel time to recover. Gabriel spins Jackson around and lands a huge Superkick, knocking the big man down.

    Gabriel runs to the rope and hits a Top Rope Springboard Moonsault on Zeke for a close two-count. The Corre is cheering him on as the match continues. Zeke gets up and is met with various kicks from Gabriel. Gabriel runs to the ropes but gets caught with a big closeline from Jackson.

    Gabriel gets up and gets hit with a big shoulder block. Jackson is building steam now. Gabriel goes to the corner and is hit with a corner clothesline from the big man. Jackson sets up for the Torture Rack and locks it in on Gabriel. Gabriel has no choice but to submit.

    The Corre rush to the ring and attempt to beat down Jackson but with little success. Jackson knocks all three other members out of the ring and lets out another scream as we fade to commercial.

Match 3: Ted DiBiase and Yoshi Tatsu

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    We come back from commercial to find Yoshi Tatsu in the ring awaiting his opponent. Ted DiBiase's music hits and he makes his way down receiving decent heat. The bell rings and the match begins.

    DiBiase goes for a quick hit on Tatsu, but the quick superstar squirms away. Tatsu hits a few kicks and a hurricanrana that takes DiBiase to the outside. Tatsu goes for a diving crossbody from the ring to the outside, but DiBiase moves out of the way and Tatsu lands on his chest outside the ring.

    DiBiase begins to assault Tatsu on the outside. DiBiase throws him into the steel steps as the referee reaches a count of four. DiBiase throws Tatsu into the ring and follows. DiBiase hits a dropkick and goes for the cover; he gets a two-count.

    Tatsu manages to get a little offense in, but DiBiase hits a Cobra Clutch Backbreaker and gets another close two-count. DiBiase is ready to end it and hits a huge sitout Spinebuster and gets the three-count. Ted DiBiase is now on a wining streak, ladies and gentlemen.

Segment: Great Khali and Jinder Mahal

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    These two cut a promo with Ranjin Singh translating for Khali. This is simply a way to continue the feud. Jinder Mahal tells Khali that next week he will show him what a real superstar is capable of.

Main Event: Christian and Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton on Commentary

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    Randy Orton is first out and takes a seat next to Booker T. Cody Rhodes follows, receiving very nice heat. Christian then makes his way out with a nice face reaction. The two are ready to begin and the match is underway.

    The first five minutes of the match is back and forth, with each superstar showcasing their abilities. Christian eventually gains control using his patented uppercuts and slaps. He hits a flying upercut and is ready for the Killswitch. The early attempt is countered with a DDT by Rhodes. Rhodes takes the offensive by stomping on Christian. Christian gets up only to be hit with a Scoop Powerslam and kicks out at two.

    Rhodes then locks in a leg lock submission on "Captain Charisma." The fans rally around Christian as he breaks the hold. Christian begins to build up momentum but is knocked down by a Bulldog form Rhodes. Rhodes is getting huge heat as he taunts the crowd. But this buys Christian the time he needed and he gets some offense in.

    Christian slaps and DDTs Rhodes, then goes to the top rope where he hits a Crossbody on the "Un-Dashing One. He gets a near fall. Randy Orton is clearly impressed by both of these competitors and is enjoying every minute of it. Christian is gearing up for the Killswitch, but it is countered with Rhodes looking to hit an Alabama Slam. Christian is able to counter and rolls him up for a very close near fall.

    Rhodes gets up and walks right into a neckbreaker. Christian lines him up and hits the Killswitch for the victory. Christian is celebrating his being the new No. 1 Contender when Randy Orton enters the ring to congratulate him. Christian simply looks at Orton and walks out of the ring.

    We close the show with Christian on the ramp looking back at Orton.


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    Thanks for reading my show.

    Leave your match outcomes in the comment section.

    See you next Monday for My WWE Raw show!