NBA Fantasy Rankings '08-09: Point Guards

Scott RiegerAnalyst IOctober 21, 2008


1.  Chris Paul - New Orleans

2007-2008 Stats: 21.1 ppg, 11.6 apg, 2.7 spg

CP3 is the cream of the crop at PG, and really at any position.  He will fill up your stat sheet in a lot of categories no matter what fantasy format you play in. This guy will be in the running for MVP again this season, and will continue to get better, if that's possible.  He averaged almost 25 and 12 (points and assists) in the postseason last year.  If you have the chance to take him, do it.


2.  Deron Williams - Utah

2007-2008 Stats: 18.8 ppg, 10.5 apg, 1.1 spg

Deron Williams just got a three-year extension that was well deserved.  He is a beast on the floor and is excellent at running the offense and getting his teammates involved. He may not give you any more in the points department, but his assists and peripheral numbers still could improve. You can't go wrong with this guy at PG on your fantasy squad.


3.  Steve Nash - Phoenix

2007-2008 Stats: 16.9 ppg, 11.1 apg, 0.7 spg

Steve Nash is getting older (35) and struggles with various injuries every year (mostly back issues).  However, he never misses much time and always produces when he's on the floor. 

Barbosa tends to eat into his minutes a bit, and I expect that the happen again this year which is why I dropped him to No. 3 behind Williams.  Still going to give you top-end production, though.


4.  Baron Davis - LA Clippers

2007-2008 Stats: 21.8 ppg, 7.6 apg, 2.3 spg

Baron is a fantasy monster when he stays healthy and gives a great boost in the steals department, and contributes about four or five rebounds per game, too—which is high for a PG. It will be interesting to see how successful he will be in LA, so proceed with some level of caution—but if the value outweighs the risk, take him.


5.  T.J. Ford - Indiana

2007-2008 Stats: 12.1 ppg, 6.1 apg,  1.1 spg

This is my breakout candidate for this season.  Ford's troubles have been injuries and an average shooting percentage.   However, he has developed a nice midrange repertoire, and is one of the fastest players in the league. 

Ford posted 7.9 apg two seasons ago, and is capable of pushing that even higher in Indiana due to increased minutes, now that he is no longer sharing time with Jose Calderon. He has a capable supporting cast to dish to in Dunleavy, Granger, and Murphy along with some promising young players like Roy Hibbert and Brandon Rush. 


6.  Tony Parker - San Antonio

2007-2008 Stats: 18.8 ppg, 6 apg, 0.8 spg

Tony is a great PG and is excellent at creating his own shot. His assist numbers are consistently average, though, which is troubling considering that he has Duncan to feed the rock to. 

He will give you good scoring and shoots a good percentage, but will leave something to be desired in three-point percentage, free-throw percentage, and steals.  If you cover those areas well with the rest of your roster, Parker will be a solid PG for you. His scoring numbers could even go up a bit early, due to Manu being out.


7.  Chauncey Billups - Detroit

2007-2008 Stats: 17 ppg, 6.8 apg, 1.3 spg

Chauncey is starting to lose a step on the defensive end, but is still one of the most dominant PGs in the league, due to his great shooting ability and his size. He can post up just about any PG—and even some SGs—and is very adept at doing so.  He also provides good assist numbers.

The emergence of Stuckey and Billups getting a year older could eat a little into his minutes, but I expect him to put up about the same type of numbers as he did last year.


8.  Devin Harris - New Jersey

2007-2008 Stats: 14.8 ppg, 5.8 apg, 1.4 spg

Harris put up solid numbers in Dallas, and improved on those numbers after the trade to New Jersey.  He will be counted on more in New Jersey than he was on the veteran-laden Dallas squad.  I expect a big year out of Harris. 


9.  Jose Calderon - Toronto

2007-2008 Stats: 11.2 ppg, 8.3 apg, 1.1 spg

Calderon should see increased minutes now that T.J. Ford is gone, and will have both Jermaine O'Neal and Chris Bosh patrolling the paint for him. This will not only create alot of transistion opportunities for Calderon, but should boost his assist numbers. 

Calderon had the best assist ratio in the NBA last season, coupled with one of the lowest turnover ratios, meaning he takes care of the ball. Calderon should be being talked about at All-Star time, and may just get an invitation if he performs as expected.


10. Jason Kidd - Dallas

2007-2008 Stats: 10.8 ppg, 10.1 apg, 1.7 spg, 7.4 rpg

I only have Kidd ranked this low because of his age and injury concerns. When healthy, he can be one of the most productive fantasy guys out there and a triple double threat every night. He is the best rebounding PG in the league, as evidenced by his 7.4 avg last season, but has taken a backseat offensively and it shows. He will be hard-pressed to post over 10 ppg this season if he doesn't start shooting the ball more often.


Others to Watch

Mo Williams, Cleveland - Mo is a scorer and, did a lot of that last year in Milwaukee.  I expect him to continue that in Cleveland.  A lot of people are overvaluing him though in my opinion, not noticing that Boobie Gibson and Delonte West are still there and are good players. I almost put him at No. 10 above Kidd, but I have my concerns.

Derrick Rose, Chicago -Wonderfully-gifted PG prospect who will see some time, but is in a really crowded backcourt situation.

Kirk Hinrich, Chicago -Read Derrick Rose.

Rajon Rondo, Boston - Showed marked improvement last season, and surprisingly became a scoring threat as well.  Has the best people in the league to pass to, so should post good assist numbers as well.

Louis Williams, Philadelphia - Should see increased minutes this season, as Andre Miller is on the downside of his career.

Jameer Nelson, Orlando - Great scoring PG and gets good assist numbers, but is a defensive liability and loses some time to bigger guards.

Mike Conley, Memphis- Conley is in a crowded backcourt with Jarvaris Crittendon and Kyle Lowry, along with O.J. Mayo, who can also play the point. I still expect him to be the man this season as he played well late in the year last season. He should put up 12-16 ppg and six apg, which are solid numbers. He'll probably be an inconsistent contributor, though, because those other guys have to play too.

Monta Ellis, Golden State - If not for his injury that will keep him out the first month of the season, he would've made my top 10. If he's sitting there in the later rounds, you would be savvy to scoop him up.  When he returns he'll put up great numbers.  Remember, he scored over 20 ppg WITH Baron Davis in town.

Raymond Felton, Charlotte -Will be pushed by Augustin for minutes. With Larry Brown at the helm, Felton will likely go into field-general mode, which will boost his assists but hurt his scoring numbers. If you have scoring taken care of at other positions, Felton could provide you the PG-specific numbers you need.

Jordan Farmar, LA Lakers - Good young point guard that can shoot and score.  His assist numbers leave a lot to be desired and, he is in a time-share with Derek Fisher.  Watch this as the season progresses.

Randy Foye, Minnesota -Good, up and coming player who seems to have won the PG job in Minny over Sebastian Telfair. He is a candidate to break out this year and provide very good numbers, providing he doesn't lose minutes to Sea-Bass.


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