Why Is The Kansas City Chiefs QB Situation Such a Mess?

Steven LallierContributor IOctober 21, 2008

When last season ended, I'm sure Kansas City Chiefs fans felt that this year would be different.  That there would be some movement by the front office to secure a good starting QB to go along with the stud, Larry Johnson, and their perennial All Pro tight end Tony Gonzalez and up and coming WR Dwayne Bowe.  It didn't happen.  And for that, Chiefs fans should be upset.  Brodie Croyle had a history of injury problems in college and Damon Huard has been a journeyman his entire career.  To ask either one of these QB's to lead a team for a full 16 weeks is a mistake. 

Where should the blame go? 

--- Herm Edwards, the head coach and evaluator of the talent he has on the field?

--- Carl Peterson, the President, General Manager and CEO of the team?

--- Bill Kuharich, VP of Player Personnel

--- Lynn Stiles, VP of Football Operations


Well, the fact is ... all of them!  They all dropped the ball.  If the coach on the field felt that going into this year, he had the proper personnel to win with, then his judgement as a head coach should be questioned.  If the GM couldn't see that this was a haphazard collection of QB's for a professional football team to have, then he should have his feet held to the fire.  If the player personnel and football operations VP didn't see this deficiencies that this team had at it's most important position, then there is something wrong with their judgement also. 

But all in all, the players are who I feel the worst for because of this poor leadership.  They are stuck playing out the season, getting manhandled almost every week and having teams run for 300 yards against them.  I realize that the QB can't stop the run but when you have such a large deficiency at that position, (ranked 31st in passing yards, 29th in total yards and 32nd in points) then the burden is put on the defense to step up.  It is a well known fact that teams in the lead run the ball, which skews some of the rushing stats.  The most telling stat; however, is the fact the teams behind throw the ball, yet the Chiefs passing stats are awful, furthering the fact that their QB play is abysmal.

What could they have done?  Well, there were some options, actually. 

Byron Leftwich was a free agent.  He is far better than what they had and wouldn't have cost anything but money. 

Brett Favre!  Don't you think that the Chiefs couldn't have managed to give up a conditional fourth round pick, as the Jets did, to get Favre.  With the situation they are in, a 3rd round pick would not have been too much to give for a player of his stature. 

Jeff Garcia, who, even at 38, would have only cost money, and is a decent QB.  He's no Hall-of-Famer but he is alot better than the present group. 

What about Duante Culpepper?  From what he stated, he wanted a chance to compete for the starting QB job if he chose a team.  If KC had shown interest, I can't imagine Duante NOT winning the job over this bunch. 

All in all, the proud fans of the Chief, some of the most loyal in all of sports, are the group that I feel the worst for.  They have to deal with another lackluster season of football by a team that could have been much better, had the leadership not been so blind to the talent (or lack there-of) at the primary leadership position on their team.  Hang in there, Chiefs fan, I can't imagine this problem not being fixed at the end of the season!