PGA Tournament Busts: Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital Open

Dan BentonCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

You take the good with the bad, I suppose ... but excuses are few and far between this week for these three; the bustiest busts that ever busted. Well, that is, that busted this week.

Anyway, this week's list includes a couple of golfers that are battling for a spot in the top-125; and the other was the highest ranked golfer in the tournament. It was a beautiful week of golf, no matter how ugly these three tried to make it; so let's get to the dogs busts of the week.

1) Rory Sabbatini:

The highest ranked player in the World -- according to the OWGR (24th) -- shot 69-74 and missed the cut by a couple of shots. In other words, he wasn't even close.

I doubt he got an appearance fee, so I don't understand what could have happened here; but 74 was the third worst round shot on the course this week.

Sabbatini was just 57.1% in Driving Accuracy, which is awful, but shouldn't have made that much of a difference. He was 306.1 yds/drive, which is actually pretty good. However, his putter was Sergio Garcia giggle-inducing. He was at 31.5 Putts Per Round, and 1.808 Putting Average. That takes work to be that bad.

He was also just 72.2% in Greens In Regulation - which isn't really bad at all, but when you're putting like he was, it doesn't matter.  It was a bad week by the best golfer in the field this week.

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