Cowboys Flat Lining= Giant Uprising

David Flores@@daflores95Contributor IOctober 21, 2008

Wait a minute the Cowboys are 4-3.  No way...yes way.  I am feeling a little sympathetic towards the Cowboys right now.  Their Cowboys can't even keep it close with the Rams. Yes I said the Rams.  

The NFC East went from best division to the Giant's division.  I understand Romo has a broken...wait scratch that FRACTURED pinkie but their performance was pathetic.  I broke my right pinkie three times and i still played all my sports (including football).  People are probably saying you don't play in the NFL and your right i don't but people who do play in the NFL should play through the pain instead of bench warming.  

Believe me I am anything but mad, I am a die hard Giant fan and this is very entertaining for me.  As the Giants go 5-1 I am ecstatic.  Next week the Giants will be 6-1 and the Romoless Cowboys will be 4-4.  I am loving this!  Hopefully Romo doesn't read this...I don't want him out with broken feelings.