49ers News: Mike Singletary Could Be Eying Texans

RealFootball365.comSenior Writer IJanuary 21, 2008

San Francisco 49ers assistant coach Mike Singletary has never really gotten a bone thrown to him despite all of the teams that have courted him to become a head coach. But then again, Baylor University, Singletary's alma mater, wanted to bring him in, the Hall of Famer declined.

It's rather clear he's holding out for a head coaching job in the NFL. But two questions come to mind: 1. How long will it be?; 2. Who will hire him?

One theory I contrived is that Singletary is possibly awaiting an opening with the Texans.

That's not too much of a stretch to think about, given that Singletary is originally from Houston and Matt Singletary, his son, is only 185 miles away in Waco as a freshman defensive end for Baylor. Furthermore, another of his children, Karen, also attends Baylor.

Lots of family right there, which is certainly appealing to Singletary, an ordained minister.

Singletary will have to learn to sell himself. When he stated, "I know I'm not a natural salesman. I'm just too honest," it's clear he's a modest, humble guy. That's expected from a man of Singletary's fine character. Still, he must realize the importance of self-promotion if he is to land any head coaching position, college or NFL. If he can learn that skill, it will be a huge step toward closing the deal during interviews.

At a glance, the Texans are 14-18 under two-year coach Gary Kubiak, whose first season was a poor 6-10 but last season witness an 8-8 record, the club's best since its 2002 inception. Given Houston's improvement, there may be an expectation of a double-digit-win season and a playoff berth in '08. If Kubiak doesn't get it done, who knows? A nosedive could mean the promising coach will be unemployed a year from now.

Maybe it wouldn't even take a head coaching offer to pique Singletary's interest, though. If the Texans' defense remains poor next season, it's possible coordinator Richard Smith's job may be in jeopardy. Should that happen and Smith is fired as a result, that could lead to an interest in Singletary as the replacement, which would give him the coveted coordinator experience that he may need on his résumé.

However, this is all just theory. One thing's for certain: Singletary has gained a good head of steam in NFL coaching circles and has a knack for connecting with players. It will be a matter of when—not if—he leaves San Francisco and lands a head coaching position.