To the people of Joplin....we are all with you

Omar AlmasriCorrespondent IIMay 26, 2011
This post is for the people of Joplin, Missouri who are suffering from the aftermath of a vicious tornado, which has taken the lives of over 116 people and injuring thousands more, with millions of dollars worth of damages.

Joplin is a small city located in Missouri in the "four states" region encompassing Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas. It has a population of around 49,000 people with the population swelling to around 300,000 in daylight, making it the 4th largest metropolitan area in Missouri. Joplin is known for its liveliness in cultural activities such as dance, arts, concerts and theater. It combines the beauty and hospitality of country living with the convinience and commerce of city vitality.

Unfortunately, this small and beautiful city suffered a devastating tornando on May 22, 2011, killing hundreds of its citizens and injuring thousands more. The once beautiful, peaceful city, now lays in ruins, it's completely haunted, it was like a city in the movie 2012..... complete destruction and devastation. Joplin and its people didn't deserve this, but now, they are in dire need of help and are suffering.

To the city of Joplin..... we are all with you.

Check out these pictures, displaying the devastation and complete destruction of the city..... heartbreaking:

Check out these videos of the tornado and its devastation:

If you would like to support and provide help to the help of Joplin, please check out these links:

If you want to have a good idea on how Joplin was like before the devastating tornado..... please check out this excellent site:

Please help the people of Joplin..... they need us.

Thanks and take care,


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