Penn State-Ohio State: The Game That Counts

Steven SwansonContributor IOctober 21, 2008

Ah yes, the game that counts if either team has Championship hopes. I think both teams are looking for that trophy—but I see everyone is saying OSU wins big or even wins at all.

Apparently if they say that, they know absolutely NOTHING about football. Let me tell you that PSU wins big here. Penn State is a great football team on both sides of the ball. That will win them the game as OSU is starting a freshman quarterback against a very good team.

Just a quick fact: The last time PSU beat OSU in Columbus was the last time that OSU started a freshman QB.

But anyway, PSU has a great run defense. I mean a GREAT run defense. They will be able to stop Wells, which will force Pryor to pass—and let's just say passing is not Pryor's best skill. Not even close.

The Buckeyes will also not be able to stop Penn State from scoring, as they average 46 points a game. So if the Buckeyes want to win, they will have to score every time Penn State does, and I don't see that happening.

Yes, Ohio State is a good football team—don't get me wrong. But in my opinion, they don't have the talent and skill to get a win over the No. 3 team in the nation.

So all you people who think the Buckeyes will win big or even at all, think again.

Final Score

Penn State 35

Buckeyes 21