Broncos hapless Monday Night -- nothing has changed from 2007

Scott GollContributor IOctober 21, 2008

One can make a lot of excuses for last night's drubbing in Foxboro. Blame Jay Cutler's first-pass finger-smash against a helmet that rendered him largely ineffective. Blame Andre Hall's killer fumbles as Denver tried to impose a road lead early. Blame various injuries (Selvin Young out, Brandon Stokely out, Champ Bailey groin during the game). Blame boneheaded penalties.   All valid to a degree.

Let's call a spade a spade here folks.  This is a team that needs to score 30+ points a game to have a CHANCE to win most times.  Put all the offensive weapons back in play, all cylinders moving, finely tuned, and yes you have yourself a dynamic scoring machine.

When that's not working, it exposes the underbelly of what this team will be continually hampered by:  A defense that is soft, cannot tackle, can't stop the run, can't pressure the QB, and puts continuous pressure on the offense.

Sure, Denver will play enough so-so teams, and get enough offensive outbursts to be competitive in the playoff hunt, and a weak AFC West.  At 4-3 they lead the division, have a bye week to get healthier, and a chance to get on track.

Still, they have many road games yet to play, and will have to be at the top of their game the rest of the way just to be a 1-and-done playoff road team, more than likely.

This defense simply cannot stop the run, and that will be their undoing.  I still find it hard to believe nothing was done to improve this after last season's squad was equally bad.