What Will Bubba Do? How Mike Anderson's Firing Could Impact Husker Football

Matt ZvolanekCorrespondent IIMay 25, 2011


As most fans know, Nebraska Cornhuskers baseball coach Mike Anderson was let go this past Sunday, no doubt because of the lack of Big 12 baseball tournaments the Huskers have seen in the last few years.  It wasn't just Anderson who was fired, rather his whole staff.  The Huskers now have a bare cabinet.

For those of you who liked Darin Erstad on the coaching staff, don't worry, because he was a volunteer and should be back next season. While this change in leadership will undoubtedly have an impact on the baseball team, for worse or better (probably better, the Big Ten isn't a baseball conference), it could also have an impact on Husker football. 

How could this be possible?  How can the firing of a baseball coach impact a football team?

It's really quite simple.  Enter Bubba Starling, the stud two-sport athlete who signed with the Huskers back in February.  The majority of talk about Husker football in the offseason, besides the new offense and if Brion Carnes should start over Martinez, is about what Bubba will do.

Right now, he is enrolled at NU and plans to attend summer classes in July.  But what will happen when those MLB teams fill his head with images of multi-million dollar contracts and the possibility to be a star in the majors?

Will he refuse and come to Nebraska?

That's where the firing of Mike Anderson comes into the equation.  How will that play into the whole thing? Remember, Starling was recruited by both Bo Pelini and Anderson.  Now that Anderson is gone, will Starling give Husker fans yet another heartbreak (see Carl Crawford)?  Starling said this week, in a phone conversation with Brian Christopherson of the The Journal Star, that Anderson's departure would not affect his decision, but how can we be sure?

Regardless, the whole state of Nebraska is sitting on the edge of its seat, waiting for the MLB draft to see what the young protege from Kansas is going to do.