20 Sexy Sports Hottie Twitter Pics

Ed NoveloCorrespondent IIIMay 27, 2011

20 Sexy Sports Hottie Twitter Pics

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    There are a number of uses for Twitter.

    For instance, making "clever" observations, updating your relationship status, breaking news, letting others know when you're eating a burrito, hating Roger Goodell, or posting sexy pictures of yourself.

    Yes, Twitter truly is quite the versatile tool, but guess which use I care about the most? If you guessed breaking burrito news you'd be right, but that just doesn't happen often enough.

    Though it should.

    Instead, I've compiled 20 sexy twitter photos from our favorite WAG's and athletes for your enjoyment, so kick off your shoes and relax, unless you're at work—make sure the boss isn't behind you.

    Oh, and pretend to work.

1. Arianny Celeste

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    Arianny is a UFC ring model and is seen here sporting quite the stylish bikini, and the rest of her isn't bad either.

    She also recently posed nude in Playboy, which is just fine by me, and is the primary reason why I haven't left my room in a while.

2. Anastasia Ashley

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    When professional surfer Anastasia Ashley isn't riding waves, she's posing half-naked on a white couch at the Ritz. 

    She has no choice—it's in her contract.

    If the photographer knew what he was doing he would have taken this picture with her in the pool, naked, eating a burger or something...

3. Kate Upton

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    ...Here we go. 

    She may not be in the water, but she's still managing to combine two of my favorite things—beautiful faces and burgers.

    I highly doubt Kate actually ate this, especially because it's In-N-Out, but never has a woman looked so good holding something so greasy. 

    Wait a second. Yeah, I stand by that. Unless you dip your bananas in grease.

4. Bar Refaeli

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    With a name that sounds like some kind of high-end restaurant, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Bar Refaeli is seen here in a bikini bottom that looks to have fused permanently to her backside. 

    Rest assured, with a bit of time and effort, it can surely be removed. It'll be like the Sword in the Stone, except way better.

    Only he who is worthy...

5. Brooklyn Decker

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    Pictured here with what is surely the happiest man alive is Brooklyn Decker, who is getting ready for her Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot.

    If I were this guy, I would fold this in half and make it my Christmas card. Then send it to everyone I know. Especially everyone in high school.

6. Danica Patrick

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    Somewhere in this picture is Danica Patrick, who apparently is a fan of Hooters, a restaurant where men totally go for the food...

    Think of this like a Where's Waldo game, only Waldo is a hot race-car driver, and everyone around him is a Hooter's waitress. 

    Something tells me that would be way more successful.

7. Erin Andrews

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    Andrews tweeted this picture during her time on Dancing with the Stars, pictured with Emmitt Smith, whose beard is weird.

    She's wearing some kind of I Dream of Jeannie getup, always a favorite amongst men, and even managed to place third on the show, so she knows how to move.

    Nevertheless, she remains second on my hierarchy of hot ESPN women, because as long as the following woman is around...

8. Michelle Beadle

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    ...all is right in the world.

    Michelle Beadle posted this picture before the 2010 ESPY's, showing a more elegant side than viewers are accustomed to seeing when watching SportsNation.

    She definitely cleans up well, and it was a welcome sight to see her minus that creature Colin Cowherd by her side. Just kidding, I love that guy. I apologize.

    Beadle doesn't play up her womanly side all that often, so this probably will be the only picture of her looking this good that we'll see for a while. 

    And it's blurry, damnit. 

9. Esti Ginzburg

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    Sports Illustrated model Esti Ginzburg is seen here squishing her talents together, though they may as well be my brain, because that's what it feels like. 

    This is cruel. Why do women do this? What do they have to gain? I can see if this were in person, and yes, I would definitely give her my snack pack, but in photo? 

    What am I supposed to do with this? You know, other than that one thing...

10. Esti Ginzburg, the Sequel

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    We call this being a serial teaser. 

    Notice the similar pose and smile. This is the girl in school who asks—and gets—the answers to the test, gets free lunch and a ride home, all for nothing. Not even a high five. I'm still waiting for my high five, Jenny! Where's my high five!?

    It's okay though. I don't hold grudges.

11. Gisele Bundchen

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    I love a good classy photo. 

    There's nothing like leaving things to the imagination, especially since I'm sure her bikini photos are already burned into your brain anyway.

    I'm doing you a favor. 

    Now this is the kind of woman you can take home to mother. With her diamond necklace, sleek, elegant black dress and lovely beige, pointy shoes that can surely pierce your neck if you try and touch her, she's the complete package.

    Only men who have won three Super Bowls may be with her. 

12. Hilary Rhoda

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    Here we have another Sports Illustrated model, Hilary Rhoda, who is clearly pleased that her butt is eating her bikini bottom.

    Im pleased too. Surely, her butt is an American hero. 

    Personally, I think she looks a little like Jennifer Connelly, and that's never bad. 

13. Hilary Rhoda, the Remix

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    If you were thinking of the last photo, "well it's good, but what about the front?" Here you go. I'm good at reading minds.

    She's changed bathing suits, though I don't think you care. 

14. Kristin Cavallari

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    I have a confession to make: I used to watch Laguna Beach. There, it's off my chest. That's haunted me for years.

    Now, gaze upon Kristin Cavallari, soon to be wife of Jay "My knee hurts, I swear" Cutler, laying poolside in a bikini for your enjoyment. 

    He must be really charming, because it certainly wasn't his quarterback skills that landed him this hottie. 


15. Serena Williams

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    Guess which way she's facing.

    This is the biggest booty I've seen in a while, and I'd be scared to approach it. It would take some kind of Greek god to tame that thing, and I'm only some kind of Mexican god. 

    There's no hope for me. 

16. Kate Upton Returns

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    Well look who it is again, minus the hamburger. And she has a friend!

    I'm convinced I should have been a photographer. Instead, I'm sitting here writing about pictures I could have taken.

    Well, in theory anyway. Anything's possible! Just ask Kevin Garnett. 

17. Kim Kardashian

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    It was announced today that she is engaged to Kris Humphries, a forward for the New Jersey Nets. And it should last for about six months.

    In other news, pictured here Kim does her best to look like a pirate. It's a good thing breasts don't have to breathe, or her money-makers would have suffocated long ago. 

    Also, it would be nice if she tried to make a different face from time to time. 

18. UFC Ring Girls

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    I don't know what the hell's going on here, or why people feel the need to make funny faces and get into strange poses when a camera's around, but I'll let it go as long as they look this good.

    This looks like it's from some kind of failed Charlie's Angels promo. Unfortunately, two of them just couldn't figure out how to look hot and dangerous. Actually, make that all three.

19. Natalie Coughlin

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    Ever wonder how American swimmer and 11-time Olympic medallist Natalie Coughlin spends her afternoons? You're looking at it.

    According to Natalie, this is her channeling her inner Esther Williams. Esther is a retired American competitive swimmer, who was also plenty hot in her day. 

    And I've got to say, she looks pretty close.

20. Kate Upton, Again

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    Okay, I had to slip one more of Kate Upton in; something tells me you don't mind.

    A woman this hot is something special, and I wouldn't be shocked if she was manufactured in some kind of sexy lab somewhere. 

    Pictured here is Kate during a typical Tuesday afternoon...for her.