College Football 2011: Sexiest Coeds of the Big East

Austin SchindelAnalyst IIMay 26, 2011

College Football 2011: Sexiest Coeds of the Big East

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    To say that the Big East is not the best conference in college football is like saying Roseanne Barr is not the best choice to sing the National Anthem.

    Just because these basketball powerhouses are not as good with the pigskin, doesn’t mean that we have to degrade their honorable, loyal fan bases. These women come out, game after game, rain or shine, to cheer on their university for the chance to get that automatic BCS bowl bid.

    Here are the Big East’s sexiest coeds from each school…

8. The Scarlet Knight

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    While Greg Schiano tries to figure out what went wrong for the Scarlet Knights in 2010, at least he has great looking fans in the stands to cheer his players on.

    This looks like some bulletin board material. 

Cheering on the Cellar Dweller

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    These girls might cheer their hearts out, but that does not change Rutgers' standing as the worst team in the worst conference in the BCS.

7. Syracuse Orangewoman

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    Hey, look at that, Syracuse didn’t embarrass themselves in 2010. At 4-3 in conference play, their fans can finally take the bags off of their heads.

We Prefer These Women to Otto

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    Why are none of these girls in sync? Isn’t cheerleading supposed to be synchronized?

    Hopefully by the time the team is at the top of the Big East they will get their stuff together. 

6. Wild Cats

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    I hope the girls that spell out “bear” are in the bathroom, or else these girls apparently don’t know what their schools name is. They do make a pretty nice quartet though. 

Cincinnati's Pride and Joy

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    Ahhhhh, chearleaders…

    Isn’t this why we go to college?

    They cheer their hearts out and then the team goes 4-8. What a shame.

5. Louisville Beauty

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    Louisville was a middle of the road team in 2011 going 7-6 (3-4) and hasn't show much for us to believe that this is going to change.  

    At least they have one of the best looking supporters on this list and a definite motivation for the team.

Showing Some Cardinal Spirit

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    Losing Bilal Powell is going to be a tough loss for the Cardinals, but this fan is showing us that she will be by her team no matter what.

4. South Florida Never Looked so Good

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    They team gets QB B.J. Daniels back for another season, and they are looking forward to another exciting season in Florida.

    I would say that Florida across the board has the hottest fans, but USF falls on the bottom of that power ranking.

    Still…look at these women. 

Nice Horns

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    USF has some solid prospects going forward.

    There is no way that an opposing quarterback who looks over for a play will not see this hottie and simply forget what was just told to him.

    Property of Maxim

3. Pitt Panther Pride

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    They were another team that went 5-2 in conference and was beaten out by a tiebreaker.

    Jon Baldwin and Jabaal Sheard were drafted in the first two rounds of the NFL draft respectively. Thats a reason to celebrate.

The Only Panther I Wouldnt Mind Wrestling with

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    The school is starting to show that they are much more than just basketball. They have hot women too!

    The football program is trying to make a name for itself but the cheerleaders are still ahead of them on the depth chart. 

2. UCONN Smile

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    Randy Edsall is gone but that hasn’t wiped the smile off this UCONN fans’ faces. They are ready for another run at a BCS bowl game and know its within their reach. 

No Huskies Here

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    Short shorts and small shirts. Sounds like the official gear of the 10-degree UCONN games in the middle of the winter.

    If that is not school pride I don’t know what is.

1. West Virginia: Putting the Mountain in Mountaineers

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    West Virginia had the best overall record of anyone in the conference (9-4) but was outdone by Connecticut due to a tiebreaker.

    Look for another strong season from the Mountaineers in 2011, and the return to a BCS bowl.

    Looking at girls like this makes me wish I went to a state school…

    Property of Maxim

Hot Cheerleaders + Guy with a Coon Hat = Champions

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    You got to love women that enjoy their frontiersmen. With a large supporting cast coming back, WVU is poised for a Big East Title.