UFC Video: Joe Rogan Breaks Downs UFC 130

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Joe Rogan has been with the UFC since 1997, four years before Zuffa bought the then-failing company for $2 million and brought it to prominence. Rogan is the play-by-play man for the UFC for a reason, he knows MMA top to bottom and he loves the sport like no other.

Rogan isn't always taken seriously by the casual fan, but people who've been around the sport for a long time know how good he really is. His dedication to MMA and the UFC does not go unnoticed.

In this video, Rogan breaks down the UFC 130 matchups and describes how he sees the fights panning out. Rogan knows a lot about these fighters, and his opinions should not be ignored. After all, Rogan is the man who sits outside the Octagon at every event and gets paid to pay very close attention to the athletes.

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