2011 Detroit Lions: CB Aaron Berry Has No Doubt About Lions Making the Playoffs

Brenda SummersCorrespondent IIJune 1, 2011

DETROIT, MI - CIRCA 2010:  In this photo provided by the NFL, Aaron Berry of the Detroit Lions poses for his 2010 NFL headshot circa 2010 in Detroit, Michigan.  (Photo by NFL via Getty Images)
Handout/Getty Images

Aaron Berry is just one player. A young cornerback who didn't even get drafted. 

Some readers may not have even known who he was until word came out about his meeting with New York Jets shutdown corner, Darelle Revis.

But he epitomizes what the Detroit Lions are about, who they are and where they are going.

It is very possible that with the news of Berry getting advice from Revis, most may have missed the little publicized interview that ClassActSports.com ran on the Detroit Lions CB.

Many learned that Berry and Revis were former Pittsburgh Panther teammates. But Berry was supporting another former teammate, LeSean McCoy, at a charitable event when the ClassActSports interview took place. 

Berry is expected to be at the player organized workouts next week. He will be coming to the team with new information about about what it takes to be a shutdown corner in the NFL and with a very positive attitude about the future of the Detroit Lions.

A fact that some may not know about Berry is that, like Revis, he understands what it is like to be a corner that QB's avoid. 

Though he was an undrafted rookie free agent last year, DraftNasty.com stated that he was considered to be one of the top raw athletes in college football. 

Berry put up average numbers (28 tackles, nine pass breakups, one interception) this year, but quarterbacks rarely threw in his direction. Notre Dame wide receiver Golden Tate described Berry as the toughest defensive back he faced all year.

Yet not only did he go undrafted, he wasn't even invited to show off his skills at the NFL Combine. 

None of this matters to Berry, however, because he landed on a team. Not just any team either. He not only made the roster, but had won a starting job with the Detroit Lions. 

As die hard Detroit fans already know, Berry made quite an impression during his first game where he posted three tackles, one interception and one pass-defended before having to leave the game with a shoulder injury. 

This injury was not new to Berry. It is what appears to have created doubt in the minds of potential teams during the draft. 

Prior to the draft last year, DraftNasty.com asked Berry about the injury to his right shoulder which caused him to miss out on two games his senior year. 

Berry answered, "(t)hat's what a lot of NFL teams had been asking me. My shoulder is fine. It's great."

Berry rehabbed his shoulder in college, but never had it surgically repaired. After re-injuring it in the first game against the Chicago Bears, he was told he would likely be out for the rest of the season because this time his shoulder required surgery.

Now that he has completed the surgery and all of the rehab that goes along with it, Berry is reporting that his shoulder is fully recovered. Just as Lions fans have been relieved to hear about QB Matthew Stafford's post-surgery progress, Berry's recovery could also help solidify the Lions chances at making the playoffs this year.

Berry knows that the Lions have what it takes to reach the post-season. 

If he stays healthy this year and is put back in the nickel spot where he started out last year (or serves as a back-up) he understands that the front defensive four will help free him up in the secondary. 

ClassActSports.com asked about his thoughts on having Nick Fairley, Ndamukong Suh, and Kyle Vanden Bosch on the defensive line: "Our front line should definitely be one of the top three in the NFL so having them upfront is a big key for us and helps us as a secondary as well."

Berry's impressions of the defense can be applied to the entire team. 

When asked about the Lions making it to the playoffs this year and winning the division, he did not hesitate in giving his answer: 

"Definitely. This should be our year. Last year we had a lot wins we should have had.  We're going to get over the hump this year. [We] have a real good team. A lot of guys [are] coming back [and] a lot of guys [are] ready to go and ready to work."

There is no doubt that several of the players on the Detroit Lions team believe that the group they have  are not only capable, but will be getting into post-season play this year. 

These players are special and know that they have created a team worthy of bringing the Lions back into contention. 

Aaron Berry is just one player. A guy who didn't even get drafted. But he has the determination and talent to step into a new role with the Lions. He understands that to be in this role means you have to be at your best. 

Bringing his best is why Berry talked to Darelle Revis. Berry wants to be that shutdown corner for the Detroit Lions because he can see where they are going and wants to be part of it.

Welcome to a new era in football Lions fans.