Enter Captain Queeg?

Ron KaplanContributor IMay 23, 2011

When did Fred Wilpon become George Steinbrenner?

Perhaps the pressure of the season — with all the Madoff business, the rumors about being forced to sell the team, etc. — have finally gotten to the Mets owner. at least that’s what some might say given this story in The New Yorker.

I have not read the whole thing yet. Early this morning I heard about Wilpon criticizing members of the team — including such popular players as David Wright and Jose Reyes (and Carlos Beltran, who still absorbs scorn for taking that called third strike against the Cardinals) — which the local papers because it gives their employees so much tow rite about.

Not to mention the scores, if not hundreds, of other outlets that will carry the story and commentary (including this piece from New York Magazine that “rates the disses”). And it’s not over yet.

You know what? Wilpon pays the bills and he’s entitled to give the people he pays “performance reviews.” Maybe he didn’t do it in the most diplomatic way, but the New York piece is especially supportive. Like the infamous Reggie “straw that stirs the drink” article or more recent stories which cherrypick the most “controversial” items, this is much ado about nothing.

At least Wilpon isn’t sitting in a chair clicking little metals balls as he tries to defend himself.

Separated at birth? Fred Wilpon and Max Headroom.

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